Strategic Review for Southern Africa Vol 35 (2)

Vol 35 No 2, November 2013

Thematic Focus on Francophone Central and West Africa
Guest Editors: Morten Bøås and Mats Utas

Table of Contents

Front matter

In this issue
Henning Melber


Research Articles

Introduction: Post-Gaddafi repercussions in the Sahel and West Africa
Morten Bøås and Mats Utas

The aftermath of the Arab Spring and its implication for
the development of the Sahel and sub-Saharan Africa
Nathaniel D Danjibo

"A Festival of Brigands": In search of democracy and political legitimacy in Mali
Bruce Whitehouse

Post-Gaddafi repercussions in Northern Mali
Georg Klute

Northern Mali 2012: The short-lived triumph of irredentism
Ole Martin Gaasholt

The phantom menace: Fear, rumours and the elusive presence of AQIM in south-eastern Mauritania
Christian Vium


Analyses, Interventions and Reports

The challenges of peacekeeping in Africa: A revisit
Oluwaseun Bamidele

How and why ZANU-PF won the 2013 Zimbabwe elections
Roger Southall



Military intervention in conflict situations in Africa: Thoughts on South Africa's role
Chris Saunders


Book Reviews

Peacebuilding, Power and Politics in Africa (Devon Curtis and Gwinyayi A Dzinesa, eds)
Cori Wielenga

The EU and Africa: From Eurafrique to Afro-Europa (Adekeye Adebajo and Kaye Whiteman, eds)
Giulia Piccolino

Liberation Movements in Power: Party and State in Southern Africa (Roger Southall)
Chris Saunders




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