A Research Forum is a format of group presentation undertaken by a group of at least five researchers. The goal of a Research Forum is to provide PME members a comprehensive overview on the state of the art on a topic where substantial research has been undertaken in the last 5-10 years and that is of ongoing interest for the PME members. The researchers are expected to be experts with respect to the research topic and offer coherently structured activities during 2 slots of 90 minutes each, as well as a comprehensive contribution (30 pages) to the conference proceedings.

A Research Forum is not supposed to be a collection of individual research presentations (see Colloquium format), but instead is meant to convey an overview of research, highlighting contemporary academic debates and perspectives in the field. In contrast to the Working Group format for evolving research topics, Research Forums are considered to mark significant advances with respect to established research topics.

A Research Forum:

  • focuses on a topic which is of substantial interest within the work of PME,
  • has a coherent structure that enables to attain a comprehensive overview of the topic,
  • contrasts and integrates different research approaches through the consideration of multiple perspectives,
  • includes structural opportunities for academic debate in interaction with the audience,
  • provides the participants with the opportunity to prepare for the participation through the provision of reading materials prior to the activity,
  • is developed by at least five researchers who are experts with respect to the research topic,
  • covers 2 slots of 90 minutes each, and
  • is represented in a comprehensive and coherent 30-page contribution in the conference proceedings.

Submission and Reviewing Process  

Research Forums are highest-quality contributions to PME conferences and, as such, they are subject to a review process. In order to allow the researchers to adequately prepare the Research Forum, the deadline for proposals for PME 43 is 1 November 2018. The proposal is submitted via e-mail to the Administrative Manager for PME ([email protected]) and should not exceed 5 pages, including references.

The International Programme Committee (IPC) pre-reviews the proposals. If necessary, the IPC provides feedback to the coordinators with the opportunity to revise the proposal until January 15th. The researchers also have to pre-register to the conference no later than January 15th, for the proposal to be fully accepted.

During the First IPC meeting (late January), the IPC decides on the acceptance of the Research Forums. If accepted, the final contribution for the conference proceedings (30 pages) must be handed in by March 15th.

Proposals must include:

  • the topic, title, and focus of the Research Forum;

  • the names of all researchers contributing (minimum of 5);

  • the name of the coordinator (corresponding researcher);

  • an outline of the theoretical background of the research topic;

  • a detailed description of the proposed layout of the Research Forum, including thematic structuring, time structuring for 2 slots of 90 minutes each, as well as descriptions of the planned presentations and audience interactions;

  • prior reading suggestions for attendants and details on accessibility (if needed, organizers may use the PME communication infrastructure at; and

  • information on the planned structure of the contribution in the conference proceedings.

Presentation and Proceedings

Two 90-minute slots will be devoted to each Research Forum. The conference chairs are asked to schedule the slots subsequent whenever possible, although this cannot be guaranteed.

The proposal and conference proceeding contribution should follow the PME formatting guidelines. The final contribution for the conference proceedings should not exceed 30 pages including references. For accepted papers to be included in the proceedings, all researchers contributing to the Research Forum have to make a full registration 15 May 2019, at the latest.

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