Program: MPhysio Sports Medicine (Coursework)

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Code Faculty Department
10258223 Faculty of Health Sciences Department: Physiotherapy
Credits Duration NQF level
Minimum duration of study: 2 jaar Totale krediete: 180 NQF level:  09

Admission requirements

  1. BPhysio (or equivalent) degree or relevant bachelor’s degree or relevant honours degree
  2. Registration as a physiotherapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  3. Employment in a part-time/full-time position appropriate for the field of study

Additional requirements

  1. For the MPhysio degree, students must also hold at least a part-time position, deemed applicable for master's degree studies by the relevant head of department.
  2. Candidates will be required to provide proof of having successfully completed applicable postgraduate modules in clinical fields of specialisation, e.g. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy 1, before the MPhysio degree will be conferred.
  3. During the MPhysio studies, students must participate in formal departmental instruction and/or research programmes of at least 60 hours per year.
  4. Postgraduate modules for all the fields of specialisation for the MPhysio degree with coursework, are offered on a biennial basis, if at least five applicants apply for admission to a particular field of specialisation. The closing date for new applications is 31 October annually. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after this date, whether or not a particular field of specialisation will be presented in the subsequent year. Commencement of studies must, therefore, be discussed beforehand with the relevant head of department.

Also consult General Academic Regulations G30-G41.

Other programme-specific information

Candidates who have passed with at least 60% in corresponding modules to those indicated by the department during the four-year BPhysT degree studies or an equivalent degree programme must, in consultation with the relevant head of department, select relevant modules from any faculty of the University of Pretoria, instead of the modules in question to the value of at least 40 credits, provided it can be accommodated in the class and examination timetables.

Examinations and pass requirements

  1. The examinations in the prerequisite modules will take place prior to or concurrently with that of the major subject as determined by the relevant head of department.
  2. The examination consists of a written and a clinical as well as an oral component.
  3. A subminimum of 50% is required in each section of the examination, with a final mark of at least 50% to pass.
  4. A student will be granted a second opportunity to take part in the examination in the major subject after at least six months have elapsed since the original examination took place.
  5. Students must submit a publication that has been accepted by an accredited journal for publication before the degree will be conferred.
  6. Candidates who submit certificates of successful completion of modules in the Continued Professional Development programme with a view to admission to the MPhysio with coursework, must pass in an open examination in the module in question in order to retain credits.

Pass with distinction

The degree is conferred with distinction on a student who has obtained an average of at least 75% (not rounded) in the major module and the prerequisite modules, and at least 60% in all other prescribed modules.

General Academic Regulations and Student Rules
The General Academic Regulations (G Regulations) and General Student Rules apply to all faculties and registered students of the University, as well as all prospective students who have accepted an offer of a place at the University of Pretoria. On registering for a programme, the student bears the responsibility of ensuring that they familiarise themselves with the General Academic Regulations applicable to their registration, as well as the relevant faculty-specific and programme-specific regulations and information as stipulated in the relevant yearbook. Ignorance concerning these regulations will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression, or basis for an exception to any of the aforementioned regulations. The G Regulations are updated annually and may be amended after the publication of this information.

Regulations, degree requirements and information
The faculty regulations, information on and requirements for the degrees published here are subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information.

University of Pretoria Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) verification project
The higher education sector has undergone an extensive alignment to the Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework (HEQSF) across all institutions in South Africa. In order to comply with the HEQSF, all institutions are legally required to participate in a national initiative led by regulatory bodies such as the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the Council on Higher Education (CHE), and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The University of Pretoria is presently engaged in an ongoing effort to align its qualifications and programmes with the HEQSF criteria. Current and prospective students should take note that changes to UP qualification and programme names, may occur as a result of the HEQSF initiative. Students are advised to contact their faculties if they have any questions.

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