Research Projects 

Current research projects include:

  • Fluoride release of modern restorative resins.
  • Evaluation of the roundness and smoothness of toothbrush bristles.
  • The smoothness/roughness of different new resin restorative materials.
  • The bond strength of various dentine bonding systems to dentine.
  • Marginal leakage of different dental bonding systems.
  • The effectiveness of mouthguards in the prevention of oro-facial injuries.
  • Tear strength and shock absorption of different mouthguard materials.
  • A survey of materials used by dental practitioners in South Africa.
  • The effect of dentine bonding systems on dentine (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope)
  • Bacteraemia induced by dental procedures.
  • Microleakage of bonded amalgams.
  • Microleakage of glass ionomers used in the sandwich technique.
  • Field emission microscopy of the effect of bonding agents.
  • Indirect resin restorations.

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