Opening of the new entrance, parkade and Ring Road

At the same time, the existing entrance at Engineering 1 will be permanently closed to normal traffic. This entrance will however still be used by the contractor while the construction of the facility and the extension to the Aula foyer continues. The use of the temporary gate to the south of the Administration Building in Lynnwood Road will also be discontinued on Wednesday, 6 July 2011. 

The portion of the Ring Road to the west of Engineering 3 (the new building) and Steers will remain closed for a further week in order to allow the subcontractor to retar the road. This section of the Ring Road is scheduled to be opened on 13 July 2011. 

Although the Ring Road will then be open, normal traffic will have to share the section of the Ring Road from the old Engineering entrance to the northwest corner of Engineering 3 with construction vehicles, as indicated by green and red arrows on the attached illustration. This section of the Ring Road may be closed for short periods from time to time to allow for special deliveries to the construction site. 

Staff members who have been allocated parking in the new parkade will be informed by the Client Services Centre and will be required to formally accept the offer of parking in this facility. A parking disc specifying the allocated parking bay will then be issued to the staff member. Staff parking will be accessible from the Ring Road through the P3 entrance to the parkade (see the attached illustration (/media/shared/Legacy/sitefiles/file/publicnews/Hoarding%20Plan%20A3%20UPDATE_1.pdf )). Access will be obtained by swiping a personnel card. 

The same rules that apply to reserved staff parking on Campus will also apply to staff parking in the parkade. This implies that a staff member only has right of use of the allocated parking bay from 06:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Over some weekends or Friday evenings the parkade will be made available to Loftus Versfeld spectators for parking, and staff members with allocated parking in the parkade will then no longer have automatic access to the parkade. Parking will then only be possible on a pay-on-foot cash basis for both spectators and University staff through the University Road entrance. Staff members will be informed timeously of such special events. 

Over weekends when there are no special events, staff members with allocated parking in the parkade will have normal access to the staff section of the parkade. 

About two thirds of the parking bays in the parkade have been assigned for student parking, which will only be accessible from the new entrance in University Road. The number of available parking bays will be displayed on electronic information boards in University Road. 

Access control for students will be on a prepaid credit or a pay-on-foot cash basis as at other parkades. Cash payments can be made in cash or by means of a credit card at an automatic payment station. 

The prepaid credit system will function as follows: A student will have to open an account at the Katanga Parking Management control room in the parkade. It will then be possible to deposit money against the account. This can be done at the Parking Management control room or at an automatic payment station and will enable a student to gain entrance to the parkade by swiping his/her activated student card at the parkade entrance. To exit the parkade, a student will swipe his/her activated student card at the exit boom. The system will reduce the money available on the student’s parking account by the applicable amount and the balance will be displayed on the screen. 

The use of TuksMobi as a cashless means of payment is currently under investigation. 

The following rates will apply to casual (student) parking on weekdays from 06:00 to 18:00:
  • 0-2 hours R5,00
  • 2-4 hours R8,00
  • 4-6 hours R10,00
  • 6+ hours R20,00 
A flat rate of R8,00 will apply from18:00 to 06:00 on weekdays and over weekends. This will not apply when the parkade is used for spectator events as described above. For spectator events at Loftus Versfeld a flat rate of R50,00 will apply. The penalty for cars left in the parkade for more than 24 hours will be R250,00. The penalty for a lost ticket will be R50,00. 

For enquiries regarding staff parking please contact Mr Johan Labuschagne at [email protected] or at extension x2217. For all other enquiries contact Prof Schalk Claasen at [email protected] or at extension x2433.

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