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Bachelor of Music (BMus)

Entrance requirements

Full matric exemption. Admission is also subject to a practical audition and tests in Music Theory. These tests are arranged at a convenient time from September onwards. The required level is equivalent to Unisa/Royal Schools Grade 7 (practical) and Grade 5 (theory).

What does the BMus course entail?

This is a four-year course designed to impart specialist music skills and knowledge.

Instrumental (or Singing) Tuition and Music History are compulsory for three years; Aural Training, Music Theory and African Music for two years. A second instrument may also be studied. In the third and fourth years, students can specialise in Performance, Musicology, Composition, Jazz Composition/Arrangement, Music Education, Choral Conducting or Music Technology. Both Music History and Music Theory cover Western classical and jazz/popular styles and genres.

In the first year, students may also register for a course in one of the following departments: Mathematics, Psychology or Languages.

Which instruments can I study?

Any orchestral instrument: voice, piano, organ, harpsichord, guitar, recorder, African drums, or singing. Other instruments may be allowed at the discretion of the Head of Department. 

Jazz performance may be chosen for BMus. BMus students taking two instruments may also combine jazz and classical options, taking (for example) classical piano as a first instrument, but jazz piano as a second instrument (or vice versa).

Download brochure and theory specimen test below.

Five-year BMus degree

This BMus degree is a five-year programme (extended curriculum programme) and consists of the existing number of regular courses for the standard four-year degree in addition to four foundational courses in the first year of study The first year of the programme offers foundational support in Academic and Quantitative Literacy and Academic Information Management and competence in music performance and music (theory and aural) literacies which are critical and unique skills required in music studies.

Download brochure and theory specimen test below.


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