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"Dear Ms Hoffmann, I can not thank you enough for your wonderful and educational talk about the astonishing Mapungubwe. When our teacher Mr Henry told us about it for the first time I had a bit of trouble understanding what it really was. You explained it in such detail it was almost like you were there in real life. I learnt so much about Mapungubwe..."

Sienna Paige Berridge, Grade 6 learner, Herzlia/Weizman Primary School, Cape Town regarding an online presentation about Mapungubwe for the Grade 6 School Curriculum, June 2020 (during Covid-19 Lockdown period)


"Had the best guided tour ever!"

Stephan, Anne and Erica Vogel and David Spangenberg, Pretoria South Africa and Waitara, New Zealand


"Incredible collection, very educational."

Bill Tully, Perth, Australia


"Thank you Ms. Hoffmann for taking the time to give us a very insightful introduction to the Mapungubwe Exhibition.  We could have spent several more hours with you!"

Hazel and Klaus Pollak, Velbert, Germany


"Nicole was an amazing guide - I learnt so much.  Thank you."

Kim Silber and daughter Hannah (Grade 6), Johannesburg


"Very interesting visit, complete and clear.  A precious moment in our travel."

Francoise Cortis, Barbara Coulon, Philippe Pinkaers and André Jaques, Brussels, Belgium


"Thank you very much for preparing such an interesting presentation – I have had very positive feedback from the members who attended. A number have said they can’t wait to visit the museums in person when you reopen. [FSMA Member] said yesterday’s presentation was her first experience of such a meeting and that she was rivetted! I felt the presentation went very well: I had no idea there were such treasures on my doorstep. I hope teachers in our respective institutions take up your offer of preparing similar presentations relevant to the Mapungubwe collections which pupils study in Grade 6. As you saw I have already alerted our teachers to your offer."

Alison Orpen, Forum for School Museums and Archives (FSMA Gauteng Branch), online introductory presentation about the UP Museums during the Covid-19 Lockdown period, September 2020


"Baie leersame ondervinding en nuwe perspektief gegee rakende Mapungubwe.  Baie dankie vir die wonderlike ondervinding."

Dawida Nel, Eastern Cape


"So beautiful, neat and clean.  Love it!  This place is filled with rich history."

Ingrid and Elke Engelbrecht, Pretoria


"Na 20 jaar is die kampus & uitstalling 'n inspirasie!!"

Dr. Emily Olivier, Strand


"Dear Ms. Hoffmann, I have never known anything about Mapungubwe until our introductory lesson with Mr Henry and our lesson with you. I want to say that I really enjoyed your lesson on Mapungubwe. You explained it really well in an organised and logical manner. It was so interesting to hear about the past — how advanced Mapungubwe was and how they embraced new technology. I don't have any questions as all that I wanted to know was covered in the lesson today. It was interesting to hear about how they traded with other communities and used gold as a status symbol and as a symbol of power. How they used iron tools and settled in the land and distancing themselves from their nomadic pasts. I'm sure that if the land in which they settled did not have a drought, they would have been a thriving community — advanced too. It is amazing how we still have artefacts from 800 years ago! Your lesson was amazing and you have taught me so much."

Zachary Rosenberg, Grade 6 learner, Herzlia/Weizman Primary School, Cape Town regarding an online presentation about Mapungubwe for the Grade 6 School Curriculum, June 2020 (during Covid-19 Lockdown period)


"It was fascinating - even a second time!  And Nicole is an excellent guide."

Catherine Burns, Greenside, Johannesburg


"Excellent tour, well done!"

Tumelo Sithole, Pretoria


"Intriguingly out of this world.  Keep our art exposed.  Thanks!"

MR Nkome, I.B. Damons Combined School, Damonsville, North West Province


"Excellent service and sculptures."

Benedict Nkombule, TUKS student, Pretoria


"Wonderful history.  Guide is professional & friendly."

Liang Ke, Chinese Embassy employee, Pretoria


"Your museum galleries, and renovation work there, has produced world-class exhibits, and my students and colleagues enjoyed learning about UP's collection and your institutional vision and mission."

Dr. Glenn Holtzman, Lauder Institute, Africa Program, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania


"Fantastic and knowledgeable tour, we really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!"

Vivien Jorgense & Erik Rasag, Oslo, Norway


"Meaningful exhibit, great guide!"

Nanelle Gibbons, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


"Unexpected treasure"

Nadia Johnstone & Conrad van Reenen, Johannesburg


"Out of this world!!! Love it!"

Obakeng Sepeng, Kiaat Residence, University of Pretoria


" are the custodians of some of humanity’s most priceless artifacts, and we are all fortunate to have such a hard-working team working on “our” behalf!"

Stephen  M Stark, US Embassy, Pretoria


"Loved seeing everything we've learned about!"

Shangri-La Academy, Grade 6, Kempton Park


"To have access to the national treasures of Mapungubwe in those conditions is a privilege.....congratulations to the whole team for the impressive quality of this world-class museum"

H.E. Ambassador Christophe Farnaud, Embassy of France (Pretoria)


"Pretty powerful pots"

Michelaine Hanekom, Pretoria


"It was great.  Everyone was raving about your knowledge and way of sharing it.  Thanks."

Dr. Louw Botha, Manager: Learning and Development, Department of Human Resources, University of Pretoria

- Author Nicole Hoffmann
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