Modern European Languages


Welcome to the University of Pretoria's Department of Modern European Languages.

Why learn a World Language?
Prospective students have the opportunity to gain a number of benefits from learning a world language at the University of Pretoria. These benefits include:

  • Acquiring a highly esteemed skill that affords you more professional choices and enhances your CV.
  • Becoming a valuable asset for institutions, and your country, when dealing with foreign nationals and international organisations.
  • Broadening your worldview by expanding your horizons to work, live or study abroad.

Language is the foundation of humankind. Therefore, foreign languages are the foundation for intercultural humanity and understanding.  Most global crises relate to humans not being able to understand each other, which emphasises the necessity of international and, multi-cultural solution initiatives.

We don't build the bridges, but we empower people to cross them.


Prof Rada Tirvassen
Head of Department
Tel: 012 420 5340
Email: [email protected]


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