Honorary and Extra-Ordinary Professors

Honorary and extraordinary professors

  1. Prof. John Napier, a rock engineer with special expertise in rock engineering and numerical engineering, form part of the research staff employed in the Harmony chair.
    • Departmental responsibility: Harmony Chair in Rock Engineering and Numerical Modelling

    • Research interests: Rock engineering and numerical engineering

  2. Prof. William Spiteri is an explosives engineer and has contributed significantly to the establishment of an explosive rock-breaking course for the mining industry.

    • ​​Departmental responsibility: AEL Intelligent Blasting Chair in Innovative Rock-breaking Technology

    • Research interests: Explosive rock-breaking engineering

  3. Prof. Bharath Belle and Prof Jan du Plessis are mine ventilation engineering specialists and were appointed to enhance the training of future ventilation engineers to undertake active ventilation research interventions on mines.
    • Research interests: Mine ventilation engineering research
  4. Prof. Con Fauconnier is an honorary professor and alumnus of the Department and has been instrumental in several departmental initiatives, including fundraising to establish new facilities at UP, the most recent being the Mining Industry Study Centre on the Hatfield Campus.
    • Research interests: Fundraising and facility development
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