Student well-being

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For any assistance relating to the well being of the students and unrelated to academic and language support, students are requested to contact
Mr Wolter de Graaf via e-mail with a written application covering the following aspects:

1.  History


  • When did the student commence studies?
  • What grades have been achieved by the student to date?​


  • How has the student funded their studies to date?

2. Current situation and problem


  • What is the current academic year of registration?


  • What are the exact needs of the student?

3.  Future plan


  • When does the student intend on graduating?


  • What commitment is the student willing to make in terms of repaying the funds provided, to enable further assistance being provided to other students??

4.  Appendix A

  • The student's CV

5.  Appendix B

  • The student's academic record to date

Please note that the final year students will receive preference, however we will consider all requests for assistance.  The department will evaulate each application on its own merits.

Also note that the Engineering Faculty has a student support department that can be approached. The contact person is Olga Molebatsi and she can be contacted at 012-420 2387 or on email: [email protected]

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