BEng Mining Engineering: Undergraduate

The profession of mining engineering encompasses a wide spectrum of engineering work –  from mine evaluation to industrial control. For instance, mining engineers may undertake the evaluation of a new mining project as soon as the discovery and geological confirmation of a mineral deposit have been completed. If such a mineral deposit is found to be viable mining engineers will design the mine to exploit the mineral deposit. Where the mineral deposit is close to the surface an opencast mine will be preferred but for deeper deposits an underground mine will be planned. Mining engineers will coordinate the construction of such a mine and bring it to the stage where it starts producing.
A typical mine has a lifespan of 20 to perhaps 100 years. The design of the mining excavations with their equipment and services, the planning of all the activities and the management of the operation at all levels is the responsibility of the mining engineer. This professional will also provide expert advice on rock breaking, blasting materials, transport systems, mine planning and scheduling, mechanical tunnel development, mine climate control, rock mechanics, support of excavations, devising mining methods, as well as the design and development of equipment.
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