Publications by Dr Riaan Rifkin


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • Rifkin, R.F., Potgieter, M., Ramond, J-B., Cowan, D.A. Ancient oncogenesis, infection and human evolution. Evolutionary Applications in press.
  • Rifkin, R.F. Gaining ethnoarchaeological insight into prehistoric southern African pigment mining practices. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology in press.
  • Houldcroft, C., Ramond, J.-B., Rifkin, R.F., Underdown, S. 2017. Migrating microbes: What pathogens can tell us about population movements and human evolution. Annals of Human Biology doi: 10.1080/03014460.2017.1325515. 
  • Rifkin, R.F., Prinsloo, L.C., Dayet, L., Haaland, M.M., Lozano, E., Henshilwood, C.S., Vogelsang, R., Kambombo, F. 2016. Characterising pigments on 30 000-year-old mobiliary art form Apollo 11 Cave, Karas Region, southern Namibia. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports 5: 336-347.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2015. Ethnographic insight into the prehistoric significance of red ochre. South African Archaeological Society Digging Stick 32 (2): 7-10.
  • Rifkin, R.F., Dayet, L., Queffelec, A., d’Errico, F., Summers, B., Lategan, M. 2015. Evaluating the photoprotective effects of red ochre on human skin by in vivo SPF assessment: Implications for human evolution, adaptation and dispersal. PLOS ONE doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0136090.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2015. Ethnographic and experimental perspectives on the efficacy of red ochre as a mosquito repellent. South African Archaeological Bulletin 70 (201): 64-75.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2015. Pleistocene figurative art mobilier from Apollo 11, southern Namibia. Expression: International Journal of Art, Archaeology and Conceptual Anthropology 9: 97-101
  • Rifkin, R.F., d’Errico, F., Summers, B., Dayet, L. 2015. Assessing the photoprotective effects of red ochre on human skin by in vitro laboratory experiments. South African Journal of Science
  • Rifkin, R.F., Haaland, M.M., Henshilwood, C.S. 2015 Late Pleistocene art mobilier from Apollo II Cave, Karas Region, southern Namibia. South African Archaeological Bulletin 70 (201): 113-123.
  • Henshilwood, C.S., van Niekerk, K.L., Wurz, S., Delagnes, A., Armitage, S.L., Rifkin, R.F., Douze, K., Keene, P., Haaland, M.M., Reynard, J., Discamps, E., Mienies, S.S. 2014. Klipdrift Shelter, southern Cape, South Africa: Preliminary Report on the Howiesons Poort layers. Journal of Archaeological Science 01.033.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2015. Abstract: Elemental and technological analyses of 30 000-year-old mobiliary art form Apollo II Cave, Namibia. In: Collado Girlado, H, García Arranz, J.J. (eds.) Proceedings of the 19th International IFRAO Conference, Cáceres, Spain. ARKEOS: Mérida.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2012. Processing ochre in the Middle Stone Age: Testing the inference of prehistoric behaviours from actualistically derived experimental data. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 31: 174-195.
  • d’Errico, F., Garcia Moreno, R., Rifkin, R.F. 2012. Technological, elemental and colorimetric analysis of an engraved ochre fragment from the Middle Stone Age levels of Klasies River Cave 1, South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 39: 942-952.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2011. Assessing the efficacy of red ochre as a prehistoric hide-tanning ingredient. Journal of African Archaeology 9 (2): 131-158.
  • Rifkin, R.F. 2009. Engraved art and acoustic resonance: Exploring ritual and sound in the Korannaberg region of North-Western South Africa. Antiquity 83: 585-601.
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