The Department's core business is its academic endeavours – excellent teaching and
education of students and relevant research of the highest standard. The pursuit of excellence,
quality, international competitiveness and local relevance are the prevailing hallmarks of these
primary tasks.

The Department is one of the major research departments in mechanical and
aeronautical engineering in South Africa and occupies a leadership position in tertiary education
in South Africa. The Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering places a high
premium on research, and considers the creation, application and transfer of knowledge as one
of its major tasks.

Over the last few years, we have once again produced more audited research publications than any other tertiary institution in the country. The number of research
outputs per academic also compares favourably with the best in the country. These sustained
achievements are the result of a long-term commitment to research and to be one of the best
departments in the world. The University, Department and its researchers can justifiably be
proud of these achievements.

It is, however, not only the quantity of research, but also the quality that counts. Our quest for
quality – and quality of research in particular – stems from our mission to be locally relevant and
internationally competitive. Local relevance is manifested inter alia in our choice of the academic
disciplines offered, and also in the areas in which research is performed. The Department
responds to the needs of the country and the demands of the time by proactively contributing to
the shaping of the future. Our research efforts spearhead this drive.

The Department considers a contribution to the competitiveness of the country and the
improvement of the quality of life of its citizens, an important part of its mission. It is not surprising   then that we have chosen to focus our research efforts in areas that have a direct impact on the    well-being of the industry. For this reason we have recently reaffirmed our focus on research and research excellence with three research groups:


With the research conducted in these research groups we continually strive to improve and expand our interaction with industry. In the links above we provide a glimpse of our research programmes.The programmes are a natural extension of the Department's academic performance and we believe it is the primary driver for academic excellence and international competitiveness.
- Author BD Bock
Published by Bradley Bock

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