Algebra and Logic

The following areas are currently under investigation:

Finite Group theory
Model theory

(emphasising the first-order theories, axiomatisations, and classical model theory, of structures)

Ring and Module theory

(emphasizing torsion-theoretic analysis of rings)

Universal algebraic methods in non-classical logics

(emphasizing residuated structures and substructural logics)

Computational algebra
Abstract algebraic logic
Abstract differential geometry and commutative algebra

(emphasizing sheaf-theoretic context of classical differential geometry and quadratic morphisms on sheaves of modules)


Associated staff: Dr CS Anabanti, Dr R Biggs, Dr R Kellerman, Dr TT Le, Dr SY Madanha, Dr MS Marais, Prof P Nang, Prof JG Raftery, Prof BG Rodrigues, and Prof JE van den Berg.

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