PhD in Science and Mathematics Education (Programme code 02260754)

Applicants seeking admission in the PhD Science and Mathematics Education programme should indicate their particular field of specialisation, i.e. Science Education or Mathematics Education. For Science Education, please refer to the Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. For students specialising in Mathematics Education, the contact department is the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

A PhD in Mathematics Education consists of a thesis (360 credits). See Research Focus Areas.

Admission requirements

An MSc in Mathematics or in Mathematics Education is required for admission to doctoral study in Mathematics Education. The programme composition of the master’s degree must have included a reasonable research component that led to a dissertation. In the selection procedure the candidate’s complete honours and master’s academic records will be considered.

A candidate must demonstrate expertise in education research methodology (including relevant statistical methods) and in current thinking in the field, with the understanding that a candidate who does not satisfy the required level of expertise may be admitted on condition that additional agreed study assignments are completed and/or examinations be passed.

The final approval is granted by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

Programme composition

A PhD: Science and Mathematics Education student who specialises in Mathematics Education should enrol for the following thesis code:

WTW 993 Thesis: Mathematics Education 993 (360 credits)

Total credits required: 360


Subject to faculty regulations, a student for a doctoral degree must complete his or her studies within three (maximum four) years after first registering for the degree. 

At least one refereed article should have been published or accepted for publication in an accredited journal before the end of the research period.


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