Research Projects


1. Marine Mammals as Bio-indicators of Ocean Health

1.1 Population biology of cetaceans (MRI Whale Unit - Cape Town)

(Research Manager: Dr. Els Vermeulen, Technical Manager: Chris Wilkinson) 

1.2 Population ecology of pinnipeds in the southern ocean 

 (Project Leader: Prof Marthán N. Bester)

1.3 Population demography and life history studies of large mammals (aquatic and terrestrial) 

(Project Leader: Prof P.J. Nico de Bruyn)

1.4 Conservation ecology of southern African cetaceans & Namibian dolphin project 

(Project Leader: Dr Simon Elwen, Co-PI: Tess Gridley)


2. Social and Physiological Adaptation to Environmental Impacts

2.1 Social biology and reproductive suppression in mole-rats. Physiology and behavioural ecology of small mammals.

(Project Leader: Prof Nigel C Bennett)

2.2 Systematics and evolution of southern African fauna: a multidisciplinary approach

(Project Leader:  Prof CT Chimimba) 

2.3 Ecological and evolutionary physiology of small African mammals

(Project Leader: Prof Andrew E. McKechnie)

2.4 Endocrine Research Laboratory

(Project Leader: Prof Andre Ganswindt) 

2.5 Meerkat social biology

(Project Leaders: Prof TH Clutton-Brock FRS, University of Cambridge & Prof Marta Manser, University of Zurich) 


3. Infectious Diseases at the Wildlife: Livestock: Human Interface

3.1 Wildlife infectious disease epidemiology

(Project Leader: Prof Armanda D Bastos)


4. Core Facilities and Associated Research

4.1 Stable Isotope Laboratory

(Project Leaders: Dr. Grant Hall and Dr. Stephan Woodborne)


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