Mamelodi Alumni Chapter

As part of the University of Pretoria's decision to enhance the academic activities of the Mamelodi Campus and provide the campus with the status of a Faculty, the Mamelodi Campus established a Mamelodi Alumni Chapter for the University of Pretoria students who started their university career at the Mamelodi Campus.

The Mamelodi Alumni Chapter seeks to build a campus community to help realize the new focus for the campus and to assist the campus with its new marketing and recruitment strategy.

The University acknowledges the power of the experiences of former Mamelodi Campus students who successfully completed their studies on the Mamelodi Campus in influencing and transforming the views of prospective students in selecting the Extended Curriculum Programmes on the Mamelodi Campus as a first-choice study programme option to pursue STEM-related fields of study at the University of Pretoria.

The University of Pretoria also recognizes the remarkable sense of community the first-year experience on the Mamelodi Campus provides those students fortunate enough to commence their academic lives on the Mamelodi Campus.

The University and the Mamelodi Campus wish to build a real, live, and meaningful relationship with the Campus Alumni before they join the larger University of Pretoria community upon completing their first year of study on the Mamelodi Campus.

Furthermore, the University and the Mamelodi Campus also wish to learn from campus alumni of their experiences, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, what needs to be improved, and what is missing, etc., so as to improve the experiences of the next cohort of students on the Mamelodi Campus.

Finally, the University and the Campus wish to provide alumni with an opportunity to give back to the campus (to current students in the extended programme) and the Mamelodi community in a structured and sustainable manner over time so that those who benefitted and are grateful for the opportunity to successfully commence their studies on the Mamelodi Campus and in the community can always know they have a life-long home and place on the campus and in this community.

A willingness to give back is also an attribute required of university graduates in the workplace.

For more information and to join the Mamelodi Alumni Chapter please contact

Ms Ida Meyer

[email protected]

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