HK Camp!

Posted on October 05, 2011

Camp started with a few beers and some raucous singing on the bus to Hammanskraal.

Soon after arrival and settling in, we were assigned House Humanities as our weekend camp buddies!  We competed together and against each other.  The results were hilarious!  But we learned a lot about us as a team and teamwork.

The activities were physically and mentally challenging.  We were blindfolded and led around by House Humanties, we had to fill a pipe full of holes with water, we ‘played’ traffic-yammy-yam for at least an hour, and lots more!  Our favourite activity?  Lunch!

That evening it was time to party and just relax.  What a party it was!  We met members from all the different faculty houses, shared a few beers and planned joint socials for the future! And of course, we taught them a few moves on the dance floor!

Luckily Sunday began late! Just a few more activities and then it was time for the main event – RUGBY!  What an amazing experience watching this match with my fellow Tuks students!  The support, the singing, the outrage!  Definitely one of the best rugby experiences I have ever had!

Soon afterwards it was time to say goodbye, time to return to Pretoria, time to return our books.

The weekend away taught us a lot of things about who we are as a team and who we are as people.  But the most important thing that happened during these two days was that we were united, not as a committee - but as a family!

Find photos of this event here.

Published by Erhardt Maritz

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