Community Outreach

Posted on October 30, 2012

In a magical legal kingdom where fairies live,

They like to wave their Law House magic wands.
Especially when they are helping others in need,
To make a difference in communities indeed.

The fairies go back to their homes at night,
Where they begin to sing and prance.
They are happy they did a good deed,
They know it’s time for a dance.
- With apologies to Kathy Heasarlen


Staff and students from the Faculty of Law showed open hearts and open purses to assist Law House to improve the lives of the children at “Hasie se Holte”. The “boksskud” was a huge success and the Law House Exco wish to thank each and every one that contributed to this fundraising project.  The formal handover of the donations to the children at "Hasie se Holte" will take place during November,    

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