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JT Grade 11 Empowerment Week

The JuniorTukkie Grade 11 Empowerment Week will be held from 1 to 7 July 2017.  This programme an initiative of the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration of the University of Pretoria (UP). This week is supported by Investec. Learners who meet the following required criteria may apply for attendance to the Empowerment Week.

Learners should:

  • belong to an equity group;
  • be part of the JuniorTukkie Club;
  • be South African citizens;
  • be in Grade 11;
  • qualify for university entrance;
  • prefer the University of Pretoria as their first study choice institution; and
  • have obtained at least a C symbol (60% or an APS of 5) for Mathematics, Physical Science as well as English in their final Grade 10 examination.

The Empowerment Week’s programme includes the following:

  • Creativity course, an ice-breaker to give learners the chance to get to know each other better;
  • Life Skills course about self-esteem, their peers, different personality profiles and communication skills;
  • Computer Skills course focused on essential computing concepts, search engines, the students’ internal web and the Internet;
  • Study Methods course;
  • Emotional Intelligence course about the different emotional skills needed to make a success of any aspect of life, including tertiary studies;
  • Mathematical reasoning course about the basic steps in solving any mathematical problem;
  • LectorSA reading programme to test learners’ reading speed and comprehension;
  • Eye screening – SterKinekor and Spec-Savers joined forces in screening all the learners’ eyes and supplying brand new glasses to those who needed them, free of charge;
  • Career advice on grounds of data gathered from the PACE career interest questionnaire;
  • Information session on admission requirements;
  • Campus tours, guided by students in Culture and Heritage Tourism at the University of Pretoria;
  • An interesting workshop with the title “Brand me” was presented in which learners were shown how to connect individuals to themselves, their purpose in life and the world of work. The ultimate aim was to create a personal brand according to the learners’ unique attributes, experiences and education, by using the latest trends.
  • visit to Sci-Enza, the science centre of the University of Pretoria;
  • visit to the camera obscura involved in seeing a whole city centre minimised to a few square metres; and
  • faculty information sessions.

The Empowerment Week also include entertainment and games, an African drumming session, a movie night and a braai when Mr Manchidi of Investec normally address learners in closing the programme with another inspirational speech. 


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