Intelligent Systems Group - Profile

Staff: Current

  • Mr H Grobler
    Research Group Leader
    B.Eng(EE)(Stell), MSc.Eng(EE)(Stell), BSc(Hons)(CS)(Pret), MSc(CS)(Pret)
    E-mail: hans.grobler at
  • Prof JP Jacobs
    Also member of the Electromagnetism Research Group
    Pr.Eng, BEng(Pret), MEng(Pret), BMus(UNISA), BMus(Hons)(Pret), MMus(Pret), MMA(Yale), DMA(Yale) 
    Tel: +27 12 420 2167 
    E-mail: pieter.jacobs @

Staff: Alumni

  • Mrs M Ballot
    Pr.Eng, B.Eng(Pretoria), M.Eng(Pretoria) 
  • Dr J Dabrowski
    B.Eng (UJ), B.Eng(Hons) (Pret), PhD (Pret)
  • Prof WP du Plessis
    Pr.Eng, B.Eng(Pret), M.Eng(Pret), Ph.D(Pret)
  • Dr W Kleynhans
    B.Eng(Pret), M.Eng(Pret), Ph.D(Pret), MBA(Heriot-Watt, Scotland)
  • Prof JC Olivier
    Was also with Defence Research,  CSIR
    B.Eng(Pret), M.Eng(Pret), Ph.D(Pret)
  • Mr S Reddy
    BSc.Eng(Natal), M.Eng(Pret)

Students: Current

The following students are currently being supervised by staff of the ISG:


PhD students

Student  Working Title  Supervisor 
R Focke Interval Algebra to schedule mechanically steered multistatic radars JP de Villiers
HS Mouton Estimating the intent of a potential rhino poacher JP de Villiers


MEng students

Student  Working Title  Supervisor 
KW Fick Compensating Vehicle Motion During Localisation And Mapping H Grobler
N Fourie Multiple hypothesis situation tracking JP de Villiers
WR Green Real-Time Adaptive Scalable Multi-Layer Abstraction 3D Mapping H Grobler
T Luvhengo

An Unsupervised, Multi-Sensory and Temporal Deep Learning Architecture

H Grobler

H Richter

Computational Attention with Feedback as a Front-End for Object Detection and SLAM

H Grobler
M Strempel Motion assisted small boat detection in heavy sea clutter JP de Villiers


Undergraduate project (EPR400/2) students

Student Title Supervisor
Armstrong Low-cost camera module for robot odometry estimation H Grobler
Botha Large-scale object recognition for a mobile robot platform  H Grobler
Bukenya Universal communication interface for people with limited muscle control M Ballot
Chang App for extracting guitar from instrument mix  JP Jacobs
du Plessis Portable ECG verification / classification system M Ballot
Esterhuizen Jigsaw puzzle building robot (#1) H Grobler
Fulton SLAM robot for mobile phone signal strength mapping indoors H Grobler
Groenewald Guitar tablature-from-audio app JP Jacobs
Guhring Herd monitoring / management system M Ballot
Labuschagne Automated inventory robot H Grobler
Matusowsky Indoor positioning M Ballot
Mervitz Music query-by-playing app  JP Jacobs
Monadjem Jigsaw puzzle building robot (#2) H Grobler
Myburgh Fingerprint verification for attendance registration M Ballot
Naicker Object collection robot H Grobler
Prinsloo 3D puzzle building robot H Grobler
Relling Bird sound recognition M Ballot
van Dalen App for real-time music score following JP Jacobs


Students: Alumni

The following students were supervised by staff or alumni of the ISG:


PhD students [7]

Student  Title  Year Supervisor 
J Dabrowski Contextual behavioural modelling and classification of vessels in a maritime piracy situation 2015 JP de Villiers
HC Myburgh Low complexity turbo equalization using superstructures 2013 JC Olivier
T Heyns Low cost condition monitoring under time-varying operating conditions 2013 JP de Villiers
TL Grobler Sequential and non-sequential hypertemporal classification and change detection of MODIS time-series 2013 JC Olivier
BP Salmon Improved hyper-temporal feature extraction methods for land cover change detection in satellite time series 2012 JC Olivier
W Kleynhans Detecting land-cover change using MODIS time-series data 2011 JC Olivier
M Chen Optical Vortex Detection and Strongly Scintillated Beam Correction Using Vortex Dipole Annihilation 2008 FS Roux / JC Olivier


MEng students [21]

Student  Title  Year Supervisor 
L van der Merwe A comparative study of multiple hypothesis and Viterbi based track stitching 2016 JP de Villiers
SE Wilken Computationally efficient formulation of stochastic dynamical control within the context of switching probabilistic graphical models 2016 JP de Villiers
C Schwegmann Ship Detection Methods For Maritime Domain Awareness Using Sar Satellite Data 2014 W Kleynhans
CJ Venter The use of GPUs for High-speed Digital Signal Processing in pulsed-Doppler Radar Signal Processors 2014 H Grobler
R Broich A Soft-core Processor Architecture optimised for Radar Signal Processing Application 2014 H Grobler
D Joubert Saliency Grouped Landmarks for use in Vision-based Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping 2014 H Grobler
MI Botha Modelling and Simulation Framework Incorporating Redundancy and Failure Probabilities for Evaluation of a Modular Automated Main Distribution Frame 2013 H Grobler
A de Freitas A Monte-Carlo approach to dominant scatterer tracking of a single extended target in high range-resolution radar 2013 JP de Villiers
FP van Wyk Simultaneous Real-Time Object Recognition and Pose Estimation for Artificial Systems operating in Dynamic Environments 2013 H Grobler
PF Potgieter Classifying Low Probability of Intercept radar using Fuzzy ARTMAP 2012 JC Olivier
SJ van der Merwe Characterisation of the Ionosphere over the South Atlantic Anomaly by using a ship-based dual-frequency GPS receiver 2012 JP de Villiers
ER Ackermann Sequential land cover classification 2011 JC Olivier
MC du Plessis Non-stationary signal classification for radar transmitter identification 2010 JC Olivier
AM McDonald The analysis of enumerative source codes and their use in Burrows-Wheeler compression algorithms 2010 JC Olivier
HC Myburgh Low complexity iterative MLSE equalization in extremely long Rayleigh fading channels 2010 JC Olivier
TL Grobler Fountain codes and their typical application in wireless standards like EDGE 2008 JC Olivier
JAS Hinds Real-time video streaming using peer-to-peer for video distribution 2008 JC Olivier
W Kleynhans On channel estimation for mobile WiMAX 2008 JC Olivier
B Salmon Optimizing LDPC codes for a mobile WiMAX system with a saturated transmission amplifier 2008 JC Olivier
SJ van Graan Network configuration improvement and design aid using Artificial Intelligence 2008 M Ballot
TM Ngobeni Dimensioning and Frequency Planning of WiMAX 2007  M Ballot


Undergraduate project (EPR400/2) students [138]

Student Title Year Supervisor
de Lange Jigsaw Puzzle Building Robot (mobile robot approach) 2016 H Grobler
da  Rocha Beat tracking app  2016 JP Jacobs
George Musical instrument duet transcription app 2016 JP Jacobs
Kessel Object Collection Robot 2016 H Grobler
Langenhoven Microstrip antenna design by inverse modeling with neural networks 2016 JP Jacobs
Marx Piano transcription app 2016 JP Jacobs
Smith Music score interpreter app 2016 JP Jacobs
Snyman Jigsaw Puzzle Building Robot (arm approach) 2016 H Grobler
Strydom Jigsaw Puzzle Building Robot (CNC approach) 2016 H Grobler
Bubb Singer identification app 2015 JP Jacobs
George Large-scale object recognition for a mobile robot platform  2015 H Grobler
Green Multi-robot coordinated environment mapping 2015 H Grobler
Hatton Automated telescope based stellar identification system for amateur astronomy 2015 H Grobler
Kroon Bird sound recognition 2015 M Ballot
Lombaard Transcription app for drums in polyphonic music 2015 JP Jacobs
Mapinga Gaussian-process-based design of dual-band microstrip patch antenna with cross-slot 2015 JP Jacobs
Ogden Automatic object identification by means of radar cross-section 2015 JP Jacobs
Roode On-board autonomous mapping and navigation for a robotic rover 2015 H Grobler
Smith Indoor positioning system 2015 M Ballot
Swanepoel Gesture recognition for use in robot control 2015 H Grobler
Vallabh Portable ECG verification / classification system 2015 M Ballot
van Biljon Guitar chord tutor app 2015 JP Jacobs
van Biljon Fingerprint verification for attendance registration 2015 M Ballot
van Schalwyk Low profile and low cost intruder deterrent and alarm system for a farm 2015 M Ballot
Aylward Music improvisation app for tablet computer  2014 JP Jacobs
Joubert Small scale autonomous Mars Rover platform  2014 H Grobler
Kang Large-scale Object Recognition  2014 H Grobler
Laue Modelling piano system  2014 W du Plessis
Rauch Modelling amplifier system  2014 W du Plessis
Malan Implementation of a coil gun  2014 W du Plessis
Nieuwenhuizen Guitar tutor app with diagnostic capabilities  2014 JP Jacobs
Olivier Audio sonar jammer  2014 W du Plessis
Osner Modelling guitar system  2014 W du Plessis
Reeler Note onset detection in instrumental music  2014 JP Jacobs
September Modelling drum system  2014 W du Plessis
von Ruben Guitar practise system  2014 W du Plessis
Van der Walt Spatial decimation and compressed sending in antenna arrays  2014 W du Plessis
du Preez Implementation of a radar system  2014 W du Plessis
Richter Implementation of a rail gun  2014 W du Plessis
Du Plessis Low-cost automatic weather station  2014 W du Plessis
Fibiger Bird sound recognition  2014 M Ballot
Strauss Jigsaw puzzle building robot  2014 H Grobler
Short Neighbourhood Watch Monitoring System  2014 M Ballot
Hunter High accuracy autonomous vehicle odometry and collision detection module  2014 H Grobler
le Roux Implementation of a sonar based on SAR principles  2014 W du Plessis
van Staden Intelligent musical instrument identification using multi-scale features  2014 JP Jacobs
Prinsloo Guitar tutor app with diagnostic capabilities  2014 JP Jacobs
MEK Akakpo  Pulse forming network to power a rail gun 2013 W du Plessis
GG de Sousa  Q-Rap Link Optimisation Project 2013 M Ballot
SJ Eagle  Determining the topology of a dynamically distributed network of sensor nodes 2013 H Grobler
JC Erasmus  Automated visual surveillance using a robot sentry 2013 H Grobler
KW Fick  Ore pass inspection and mapping 2013 H Grobler
AV George  Image focus and perspective adjustment using light field imaging 2013 HC Myburgh
WR Green  Immersive remote controller for an autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) 2013 HC Myburgh
TC Hopper  Neighbourhood Watch Vehicle Monitoring System 2013 M Ballot
DM Howe  Multiple camera people tracking for an automated visual surveillance system 2013 HC Myburgh
W Jimu  Implementation of a GSM detection scheme 2013 W du Plessis
PW Jordaan  Portable, multi technology measurement set-up/instrument 2013 M Ballot
SK Kleu  FindMe application 2013 M Ballot
AB Kruger  Optical Music Recognition 2013 P Jacobs
SJ Krynauw  Low cost virtual computer interface using the Microsoft Kinect sensor 2013 HC Myburgh
T Luvhengo  Condition monitoring of road signs 2013 H Grobler
MP Mabelebele  Smartphone world mapping 2013 HC Myburgh
S Mahlagare  Portable ECG verification/ classification system 2013 M Ballot
BM Meintjes  Localization in an unstructured environment 2013 HC Myburgh
GAM Meiring  Audio fingerprinting for accurate identification of commercially available songs 2013 P Jacobs
R Philip  Acoustic Monopulse Radar Upgrade 2013 W du Plessis
H Richter  Low Cost Real-time 3D reconstruction using Structured Light using CUDA 2013 HC Myburgh
KB Riley  Systems of classifiers with probalistic outputs to identify music genre 2013 P Jacobs
JN Samuel  Specific emitter identification (SEI) of cellular telephones 2013 W du Plessis
D Schepers  Particle characterisation and tracking for microfluidic data analysis 2013 H Grobler
GC Sloane  Optical Music Recognition to generate Guitar Tablature 2013 P Jacobs
AJ Smith  Cost Effect Herd Monitoring System 2013 M Ballot
K Soobramoney  Cricket game outcome prediction using machine learning techniques 2013 HC Myburgh
N van Heerden  Detection and analysis of potholes 2013 H Grobler
M Veldhuyzen van Zanten  Bus / public transport assistant 2013 M Ballot
B Wagner  Condition monitoring of road markings 2013 H Grobler
H Waschefort  Mist Measurement System 2013 W du Plessis
DW Barlow Smartphone guitar/piano tutor 2012 JP Jacobs
PW Cloete Portable, multi technology measurement setup/ instrument 2012 M Ballot
HHG Coppejans Low Cost 3D Mapping using the Kinect 2012 HC Myburgh
AS Duncan Condition monitoring of road markings 2012 H Grobler
RM Fisher Vehicle Identification and Verification System 2012 M Ballot
R Hulsbos Design of a low cost virtual input interface using the Microsoft Kinect 2012 HC Myburgh
GM Hunt FindMe application 2012 M Ballot
F Kavishe Polyphonic music score interpreter for smartphone 2012 JP Jacobs
J Koshy Remote Site Power Supply 2012 M Ballot
T Lichtenstein Detection and analysis of potholes 2012 H Grobler
MP Mabelebele Neighbourhood Watch Vehicle Monitoring System 2012 M Ballot
BJ Maimane Virtual guitar tutor 2012 HC Myburgh
CF Mbuya Measurement Based Frequency Planning 2012 M Ballot
BFJ Naude Bayesian instrumental classification for music 2012 JP Jacobs
MP Nkosi Herd monitoring / management system 2012 M Ballot
S Oosthuizen Smartphone Smart Lighting 2012 HC Myburgh
AI Rademeyer Smartphone music genre recognition using Bayesian methods 2012 JP Jacobs
L Peens Immersive Remote Controller for an Automated Guided Vehicle 2012 HC Myburgh
JR Shorten Ore pass inspection and mapping 2012 H Grobler
JH Smith Development and integration of an autonomous mining platform 2012 H Grobler
AJ van Eeden Design and integration of RoboCup AI and simulator subsystems 2012 H Grobler
JH van Niekerk Smartphone automated guitar tuner 2012 HC Myburgh
M Vosloo Low Cost 3D Mapping using Structured Light 2012 HC Myburgh
T Asmal Smartphone assisted Asset Management System 2011 H Grobler
WS Barnard Location Estimation of Stolen Vehicles using Fixed Receivers 2011 M Ballot
L Botha Portable Multi-technology Measurement Setup / Instrument 2011 M Ballot
JM Coetzee Intelligent Music Genre Recognition by Smartphone 2011 JP Jacobs / HC Myburgh
BJ de Carvalho e Silva Android based VoIP and Text Messaging System 2011 S Reddy / H Grobler
T Du Toit Arterial Fibrillation Detector 2011 M Ballot
Y Du Toit 4 Fingers Identity Recognition 2011 JC Olivier / H Grobler
B Dutkowski Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting using Machine Learning Techniques 2011 JC Olivier / H Grobler
RH Gevers Development of a Robotic Arm for an Autonomous Mining Platform 2011 H Grobler
JGD Gillies MODIS Land Cover Change Detection 2011 JC Olivier / HC Myburgh
BS Hammond Android based Virtual Air Instruments 2011 HC Myburgh
AJ Jacobs Design and Integration of RoboCup AI Subsystem 2011 H Grobler
PR Jansen van Vuuren Augmented Reality Platform on the Android 2011 HC Myburgh
DJ Jonker Android based Smartphone Set-top Box using WiFi 2011 HC Myburgh / H Grobler
MHO Kloppers 2D to 3D Conversion of Monocular Images using Defocus 2011 S Reddy / H Grobler
W Marx Location Estimation of GSM 3G & LTE Phones using Mobile Measurement Reports 2011 M Ballot
MT Motlhabane Smartphone based Universal IR/TV Remote 2011 H Grobler
MA Naidoo Smartphone Controlled Unmanned Vehicle 2011 HC Myburgh
JA Odendaal Measurement based Frequency Planning 2011 M Ballot
GH Rautenbach Development of an Autonomous Mining Platform 2011 H Grobler
CP Schwegmann Vision based Hand Gesture Recognition System on a Smartphone 2011 H Grobler
JN Slabber Smartphone based Virtual World Mapper 2011 HC Myburgh
AJ Spamers Real-time Multi-face Detection and Tracking from a Non-static Video Camera 2011 S Reddy / H Grobler
D Spohr Design and Construction of RoboCup Platforms 2011 H Grobler
IG Stevens Error Correction Coding for Erasure Channels 2011 JC Olivier / HC Myburgh
PRP Theron Android Music Score Interpretor 2011 JP Jacobs / HC Myburgh
MK van Wouw Land Coverage Dependant Propagation Prediction 2011 M Ballot
WD van Eeden Electrical Load Forecasting (short and long term) using Artificial Neural Networks 2011 JC Olivier / H Grobler
JAN Venter MLSE using Viterbi but producing probabilistic information 2011 JC Olivier / HC Myburgh
E Venter Android based Musician's Toolbox 2011 HC Myburgh
H Zietsman Smartphone Medical Diagnosis Toolkit 2011 HC Myburgh
CC Badenhorst Cellphone Set-top Box using 802.11g/n 2010 S Reddy
BJ Coetzee Music genre classification using Support vector machines and Gaussian processes 2010 JP Jacobs
L Conradie Autonomous 3D Object Reconstruction using Tomography 2010 S Reddy
ME Cosijn Scanning audio radar with particle filter tracking and prediction 2010 JP de Villiers
AR Donkin Optical mouse sensor based dead-reckoning module 2010 H Grobler
EJ Etende Nkodo Scanning audio radar with receive microphone array for human positioning 2010 JP de Villiers
CC Fung GPU algorithmic implementation 2010 H Grobler
Groenewald PIC16F887 VHDL core for the Altera DE1 2010 H Grobler
JP Hattingh Autonomous 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image 2010 S Reddy
N Fourie Prediction of the Random Sequence of a Frequency Hop Pulsed Radar 2010 H Grobler / JC Olivier
RA Middelberg Passive RFID Tag Reader/ Writer with Encryption and Authentication 2010 S Reddy
W Rosemann 2-Way Wireless Communication System using 802.11g/n 2010 S Reddy
GG Stoltz Design and integration of autonomous vehicle 2010 H Grobler
S Strachan Stereo vision system for robotic vehicles 2010 H Grobler
L Van der Merwe Ultrasonic ranging sensor module with RS-485 interface 2010 H Grobler
FJ Wilson Map-building of an office environment 2010 H Grobler
SS Akhoury Face Recognition System for a Robotic Receptionist 2009 H Grobler
TV Barnard Sign Language Manual Alphabet Interpreter 2009 S Reddy
PJ Bouwer Understanding Driver Behaviour to Improve Road Safety 2009 H Grobler
S Dedekind Cellphone Interceptor and Jammer 2009 S Reddy
WH Geldenhuys Image Analysis to Interpret Human Actions 2009 H Grobler
J Kruger Cellphone Set-top Box 2009 S Reddy
CJ Meyer Vehicle Identification System for Safety and Security 2009 H Grobler
M Pretorius USB 2-Way SMS And Internet Gatewa 2009 S Reddy
RLR Rabe Facial Expression Mapping And Modeling 2009 S Reddy
CC Rademeyer Automatic Text Detection and Interpretation 2009 H Grobler
TJ Thebe Personal Safety Device for Underground Mining 2009 S Reddy
FL Theron Implementation and Evaluation of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) solvers 2009 JP de Villiers / H Grobler
PM Treurnicht Development of Planning and Navigation System for an Autonomous Vehicle 2009 JP de Villiers / H Grobler
WC Victor Development of Autonomous Vehicle Base 2009 H Grobler / JP de Villiers
SP Vilakazi Automatic Number Plate Recognition System 2009 S Reddy
ER Ackermann Automatic Facial Recognition and Identification Software System 2008 S Reddy
CJ Combrink Live Video Broadcast via Cellphone 2008 S Reddy
DJ du Plooy High Definition IPTV over IEEE 802.11g 2008 S Reddy
N Kotze Remote Controlled GPS Robot via ZigBee and SMS 2008 S Reddy
W Lalk Mobile GPS Tracker and Locator 2008 S Reddy
T Mashilwane Synchronised Video and Audio Streaming over ZigBee using H.264 Compression 2008 S Reddy

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