Fluoro-chemical Research

Mbangiseni Mabudafhasi
PTFE synthesisThis research focuses on the free-radical suspension and emulsion polymerization of tetra-fluorethylene, with specific reference to extraction of kinetic data and scaling 

Onias Sitando
Processing of Zimbabwean petaliteThe goal of this work is to extract lithium values form Zimbabwean petalite, to synthesize value added lithium compounds, and to develop efficient processes to produce these in bulk

Ryno Pretorius
Dry fluorination of neodymium pentoxide
This work aims at the development of a novel reactor for the treatment of local neodymium pentoxide with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, to enable the production of NdF5, the electrolytic precursor for the metal 

Paul Sonnendecker
The development of a fluorine laboratory
This service project aims has the goal of building a safe university facility for producing and handling anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, fluorine gas, and a variety of other fluorochemicals. Special emphasis is placed on the laboratory fluorine elctrolyzer

Tando Kili
Synthesis of fluorinated ethylene-propylene
The objective of this work is develop the technology for the on-specification synthesis of in-house produced TFE and HFP

Melanie Jansen van Rensburg
Synthesis of the ethylene-TFE-HFP terpolymer
The aim of this work is to synthesize and characterize this terpolymer, for industrial use

John Kabangu-Mpinga
Separation of niobium and tantalum from Mozambican tantalite
Here the mineral is treated with ammonium bifluoride as alternative to hydrofluoric acid, and the metals are separated by solvent extraction using 1- and 2-octanol

Lizelle van Eeden
Synthesis of PVDF in supercritical-CO2
The aim here is to take the first step in this powerful synthesis technology, which promises the ultimate in green solutions, bypassing the need for highly problematic emulsion agents

Charlotte Mawela
Manufacture of piezoelectric PVDF
The goal is to develop treatment procedures for inducing piezoelectric behaviour in in-house produced PVDF, increaring the value by several orders of magnitude

Litha Yapi
Determination of the development of the particle size distribution during PVDF synthesis
The particle size distribution of polymer resins is an important factor in understanding the physical properties of the final product. The aim of this project is to develop the tools for predicting the PSD for emulsion and suspension polymerization, with special emphasis on PVDF

*Industrially sensitive projects are not listed.

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