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Popular media (radio interviews, TV etc.)


Radio interviews:

•              Schönfeldt, H. LotusFM, 27 August 2015

•              Schönfeldt, H. RSG – 1 Sep 2015

•              Schönfeldt, H. Radio786, 28 August 2015

•              Schönfeldt, H. SAFM – 17 Sep 2015

•              Schönfeldt, H. Radio 706 – Gadija

•              Schönfeldt, H. Channel Africa

Hendriks, SL (2016) Science Inside: Hidden Hunger. Wits Radio Academy. March 2016. https://soundcloud.com/witsradioacademy/the-science-inside-08-part-4-hidden-hunger?in=witsradioacademy/sets/the-science-inside-08-food-security-play-list-1. SABC – 3 Sep 2015


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