Dr Marc Wegerif

  DR MARC C. A. WEGERIF (South Africa)

  PhD Sociology (Wageningen University)

  MPhil Land and Agrarian Studies (University of the Western Cape)




Marc is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Human Economy Programme. He can be contacted at contacted at [email protected].

Marc has worked on development issues in a range of organisations for about 30 years. Land and agrarian reform issues have been a focus for over 20 years. He was until recently the Land Rights Policy Lead with Oxfam responsible for global advocacy and coordination of the organisations land related policy work. Other recent roles included managing several multi-country projects and international advocacy and campaigning on trade, climate change, land and food policy. Previous experience includes extensive work with at range of South African non-government organisations, including starting and running several development organisations.

Marc holds a Sociology PhD from Wageningen University. The focus of the research was on the food system that feeds the large and fast-growing city of Dar es Salaam. His Master’s Degree (obtained cum laude) is in Land and Agrarian Studies from the University of the Western Cape.

Current research interests are focused on the symbiotic and non-corporate means of production and distribution of food that exist in Southern Africa with a focus on Tanzania and South Africa. Exploring what can be learnt from these people created existing everyday practices for the achievement of the right to food and a more human economy.


Some of Marc’s publications include:

Wegerif, M. C. A. 2019. The ride along: a journey in qualitative research. Qualitative Reserach Journal. Availbale: https://doi.org/10/1108/QRJ-D-18-00038

Wegerif, M.C.A. 2018. An ethnographic exploration of food and the city. Anthropology Today, 34(5): 16-19.

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Wiskerke, J.S.C., Verhoeven, S. and Wegerif, M.C.A., 2018. Linking Scales. In Flourishing Foodscapes (pp. 83-98).

Wegerif, M.C.A. 2017. Feeding Dar es Salaam: a symbiotic food system perspective. PhD Thesis. Rural Sociology, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands.

Wegerif, M.C.A.; Wiskerke, J.S.C. 2017. Exploring the Staple Foodscape of Dar es Salaam. Sustainability9, 1081.

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Wegerif, Marc C.A. 2014. Exploring Sustainable Urban Food Provisioning: The Case of Eggs in Dar es Salaam. Sustainability 6, no. 6: 3747-3779.

Tandon, N.; Wegerif M.C.A. 2013. Promises, Power, and Poverty: Corporate land deals and rural women in Africa. Oxfam Briefing Paper 170.

Wegerif, M.C.A. 2010. The Right to Land Restitution as Inspiration for Mobilization, Published in Land, Memory, Reconstruction, Perspectives on and Justice Land Claims in South Africa.  Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio.

Marc Wegerif, M.C.A.; Russell, B.; Grundling, I. 2005. Still Searching for Security: The reality of farm dwellers evictions in South Africa.  Nkuzi Development Association and Social Surveys, Polokwane.

Wegerif, M. C. A. 2004. A critical appraisal of South Africa’s market-based land reform policy: the case of the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD) programme in Limpopo. Research Report 19. PLAAS, School of Government, University of Western Cape.


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