History and Values

House Olympus is the medical residence on the Prinshof Campus. The residence was inaugurated in 1996. During this regime, which lasted up to 2004, Olympus was inhabitted by both male and female students in the Health Science Faculty. Since 2005 only male students in the Health Sciences were allowed and a paradigm shift was set in place to convert House Olympus into an all male residence.

During the first few years of existance, House Olympus was run by a house committee, which consisted of eight house committee members. In 2006, Olympus spread his wings and a house committee, consisting of 12 house committee members was elected.

We ragged in theB-league for smaller residences until 2007 which was our first participation as an A-league rag hostel and we coincided with Erika as our rag partner. 2007 was also the year in which our infamous clubhouse officially opened. In 2008 Olympus, with Madelief as our rag partners, won the rag procession.

We have been in the finals of Step It Up (formally "Serrie") since 2013, with themes such as Olympus in Egypt, New Orleans Voodoo, Retro Rugby and Thrift Shop.


Every Olympian strives to be an embodiment of our four core values:-

  1. Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. Brotherhood
Published by Enryco Hariparsad

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