CONSTITUTION (under revision)





This is the Constitution of Members of the body of Residents of House Olympus (“the Hostel”), University of Pretoria, who individually and as students as well as permanent residents of the Hostel, have become eligible to and shall remain Members, as hereinafter defined, in terms of these Articles of the Constitution.




For purposes of these Articles the following words and expressions shall have the meanings described hereinafter:

- “the Constitution” means this Constitution and includes all addendums, annexures and schedules;

- “Member” means an individual person who is a full time student of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria being permanently resident in the Hostel and not disqualified from membership, as is more fully described in Article 3;

- “the Hostel” means House Olympus;

- “University” means University of Pretoria;

- “Colours” means the official colours of the Hostel, as described in Schedule 1;

- “Emblem” means the official emblem of the Hostel, as described in Schedule 1;

- “House Committee” means the committee established in terms of this Constitution, comprising elected Members to serve on such a committee for a defined term, as more fully described in Article 4;

- “Building supervisor” means a person employed by the University assigned to the post of Building supervisor of the Hostel to serve and execute such duties and functions as assigned to that person by the University;

- “SRC” means the Student Representative Council of the University;

- “House Fees” means the compensation payable by a Resident entitling such Resident to reside in the Hostel on a permanent basis during any academic term;

- “Welcoming Period” means a three (3) month period commencing at the beginning of an academic year during which first year students do not have voting rights;

- “Resident” means a student permanently resident in the Hostel during an academic year and includes any non-qualifying Members, all of which are students in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University.


1.1 The Constitution applies to Members who irrevocably accept the terms and conditions as described therein.

1.2 The Constitution also governs the behaviour and conditions of Residents who have not qualified as Members as well as disqualified or temporarily disqualified Members.

1.3 Being a Resident ipso facto implies such a person accepting the Constitution, its rules and governances as well as the rules and governances applicable to all students of the University.

1.4 The Constitution is and remains subservient to the governances of the University pertaining to and as described in the Hierarchy of Authority, Article 2.1 hereinafter, which relates to the respective authorities of the University, as specifically stated by the TuksRes Guide.


2.1 Hierarchy of Authority:

The Hierarchy of Authority which applies to the Constitution is recognised as stated in Schedule 2, with all respective parties and individuals being subject to and in accordance with the governances of the University.

2.2 Chairmen and further the House Committee:

In the hierarchy described in 2.1, the House Committee is hereby established comprising and as more fully described in Article 4, subject to the authority of the structure above described in article 2.1.


A person is a Member provided that:

3.1 his/her House Fees have been paid;

3.2 where such a person is a first year student the Welcoming Period has expired;

3.3 where such a person is not a first year student or a first year student having taken residence after the Welcoming Period, such person first having been interviewed and accepted as a Member by the House Committee;

3.4 such person has continuously and permanently resided as a Resident in the Hostel for an uninterrupted of three consecutive months during an academic term,

it being recorded as a recognition that the qualifications described in 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 are inserted as a criteria to instil participation and communication between all the Residents of the day-to-day running and general affairs of the Hostel.


With regards the House Committee:

4.1 The committee is to be elected by Members in accordance with the SRC regulations, as described in Article 10.

4.2 The committee will consist of:

4.2.1 a chairperson - with or without portfolio;

4.2.2 a vice-chairperson - with portfolio;

4.2.3 a secretary - with portfolio; and

4.2.4 including committee members, with the following major or primary portfolios, representing: Administration - vested with all administrative responsibilities; Social - vested with all social activities; Culture – vested with all cultural activities; Religion, values and emotional support - vested with all religious activities; Sport - vested with all sporting activities; Publications - vested with all publication affairs; Rag and Outreach – vested with all Rag and Outreach affairs; Treasurer - vested with all financial affairs, including income and expenditure; Ienkvoog – vested with all the duties of the first year guardian,

The contents of each portfolio as defined and to be executed in a manner being at the discretion of the House Committee during its term of office.

4.3 House Committee members will be required to familiarise themselves thoroughly with the Constitution and the University rules, after having been elected.

4.4 House Committee meetings shall be held frequently, to be convened by the chairperson, provided that should the chairperson neglect to convene a meeting then a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of the elected House Committee members shall be eligible to convene a meeting, which the chairperson shall be obliged to attend.

4.5 A quorum of the House Committee shall comprise a majority of elected House Committee members, being present at a meeting.

4.6 Matters pertaining to the University, the Hostel, Members and Residents shall be the subject matter/s of meetings, which includes the making of rules, regulations and governances to which all Residents shall be bound and comply with.

4.7 Contravention of the Constitution, any rules or governances and/or any decision of the House Committee, by any Resident will result in disciplinary action being taken against the contravening party, the nature of which being at the discretion of the House Committee, subject to such disciplinary guidelines laid down by the University and the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation of the University, which apply from time to time, and subject to the provisions pertaining to more serious disciplinary actions as described in the disciplinary guidelines of the University.

4.8 Each elected Member will at the end of his/her term submit a written report of his/her activities during his/her term of office, addressed to the chairperson and the SRC.

4.9 The responsibilities and tasks of the House Committee for its term of office shall be discussed in advance, annually at a House Committee training seminar to be held at the commencement of a term, which shall be revised from time to time in terms of required circumstances and events.

4.10 The House Committee shall be the only authority representing its Members and the Residents in liaison and communication with any other authority, it being the only elected body eligible to represent and act for and on behalf of its Members and the Residents; the Building Supervisor may not act in this capacity.

4.11 The committee may appoint one or more sub-committees to assist it with the responsibilities of the respective portfolios, which may be necessary from time to time during any term of office. Subcommittees are chosen by the relevant House Committee member, in consultation with the House Committee. Members of any subcommittee may be denied seniority points by decision of the House committee at the end of their term, if it is deemed that the subcommittee member is unworthy of formal recognition.

4.12 Minor or secondary portfolios can be added to the above duties at the discretion of the Chairperson and Head of Residence, in consultation with the outgoing Chairperson. These include Security, Marketing and Fundraising, Internal Culture, Discipline, Archive, IT lab, Academics, Clothing

4.13 Portfolios may be split, added or duplicated at the discretion of the Chairperson and Head of Residence, in consultation with the outgoing Chairperson.

4.14 The House Committee of Olympus is comprised of 12 members, including the chairperson who may or may not also have a portfolio.


5.1 Disciplinary Committee will comprise of the chairperson (or vice-chairperson in his absence), Head of Residence, disciplinary House Committee member and 2 (two) members of the House (one white and one non-white member, and 2 (two) reserve members). This structure is determined by university guidelines as stated in the TuksRes Guide.


The House Committee comprises elected Members for purposes of generally contributing towards the wellbeing and orderly functioning of the Hostel and the wellbeing of its Residents and in particular, but not necessarily limited to:

6.1 To uphold the mission of the University and Faculty of Health Sciences;

6.2 To be the representative body furthering the interests of the Residents and to act in accordance with their elected mandate;

6.3 To strive towards ensuring sensible and orderly living environment for the Residents;

6.4 To function as a representative body of the Residents and provide advisory, coordinating and controlling functions as part of its mandate;

6.5 To strive towards contributing positively in creating a balanced academic study and student life environment and a pleasant residential atmosphere.

6.6 A member of the House Committee must at all times act with the highest consideration of the values system in the University of Pretoria, and always in the best interests of the residents. A House Committee member is obligated to participate fully in the activities of the House, and must endeavour throughout is term to uplift the spirit and participation of the residents and nurture pride, through leading by example. The New Policy of Quality Control determines that every member is a fully active and involved resident of Olympus.

6.7 At the commencement of the new House Committee’s term, a document must be drawn up stating the Basic Minimum Requirements, which summarize every duty that each particular member must complete in his term. This must be available for viewing at the secretary by all members of the House. The Basic Minimum Requirements may only be changed in a House Committee meeting by a majority vote of the 12 members of the committee.


7.1 Only a Resident Member of the Hostel is eligible to stand for and be elected to the position of chairperson of the House Committee by the electorate, which comprises Members only.

7.2 The chairperson shall fulfil a liaison and contact role by inter alia:

7.2.1 meeting with the Subcouncil of the SRC, the Director of the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, the Dean or any other office bearer or the University;

7.2.2 communicating and liaising with the Building Supervisor inter alia to ensure consensus being reached between the Building Supervisor and the House Committee and the rules of the House Committee being adhered to in a manner ensuring orderly living conditions and coherence with the rules and administration of the University;

7.2.3 acting as the duly authorised representative of the Residents in consultation and discussion with the administration, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and/or any other person, body or institution.

7.3 The chairperson shall, in agreement with the House Committee, be responsible for the calling of all House Committee meetings, as well as House Meetings (general and normal), by giving reasonable notice to all concerned parties and act as chairperson at such meetings, provided that in the absence of the elected chairperson the vice-chairperson shall chair such meeting/s.

7.4 The chairperson shall have a casting vote at both House Committee and House Meetings in addition to his normal vote as member to which he is entitled in the case of an equality of votes. However members shall use their best endeavours to reach unanimous agreement on all resolutions.

7.5 The chairperson shall sanction and be required to approve (in writing if necessary) all transactions of a financial nature, including the signing of any cheques, the opening of any bank account or other financial transactions as may be required, provided that in the absence of the chairperson the vice-chairperson shall serve such position.

7.6 The chairperson shall communicate all information to the Residents, either direct or through the House Committee, and in particular strive towards motivating Residents to participate in the activities of the Hostel by setting appropriate examples.

7.7 The chairperson shall coordinate and supervise the activities of the various House Committee portfolios and other internal activities of the Hostel and the Residents, as well as oversee and monitor the actions of other House Committee members and persons with delegated responsibilities and powers.

7.8 The chairperson reserve the privelege to choose any room in the Residence, whether it is already occupied or not, to mive into during his term. The Chairperson is also entitled to choose a flat and remaining flats will then be allocoted further.

7.9 The chairperson shall be and remain responsible in the Hostel until all Residents have left during vacations, save by specific agreement to the contrary with the Building Supervisor.

7.10 The chairperson shall use his/her discretion in circumstances or events where house rules are not specifically applicable or apply or in emergency situations where house rules and/or University rules may not necessarily apply to the situation, in particular situations arising prior or without opportunity for the House Committee or the Building Supervisor to be informed and in particular where serious complications may result from such emergency or other situation/s.

7.11 Transgressions by Residents or third parties of a nature other than trivial shall at the discretion of the chairperson be reported to the Building Supervisor and be dealt with by the House Committee in joint discussion and decision of the House Committee and the Building Supervisor.

7.12 The chairperson shall be responsible during each November/December vacation to address newsletters to prospective first year students welcoming them and containing such relevant and necessary information concerning the Hostel requirements and the functioning thereof. This duty of the chairperson exists permanently as a function of the duties of the House committee member with the portfolio “Ienkvoog” (See Article 4).

7.13 The chairperson shall be responsible to initiate the election of incoming House Committee at the end of each House Committee’s current term, or if dissolved prior to its term of completion.


The House Committee shall be elected by way of vote executed by its Members only and in this regard:
8.1 only Members eligible to vote may cast a ballot;

8.2 the election of a House Committee shall be an annual event and take place in accordance and as stipulated by the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation of the University;

8.3 written nominations by Members members must be handed in, signed by a Member proposor, 10 other supporting members and addressed to the Chief Election Officer (via the chairperson) at least 7 (seven) days before the stipulated election date;

8.4 a proposed statement of policy and curriculum vitae accompanied by a passport photograph of each candidate must appear on the Hostel notice board for at least 5 (five) days and remain posted before the election;

8.5 An initial first year student may not be nominated for House Committee duty.

8.6 at least 1 (one) public introduction of each candidate must take place and all nominated candidates must be present at such introduction meeting, unless they have submitted a valid excuse to the Chief Election Officer, failing which such absentee shall be disqualified for standing for election;

8.7 the election shall take place by secret ballot paper upon the casting of ballot votes to be monitored under the supervision of the Election Officer, by marking off voting Members names in the student register and in accordance with the control voting procedure of the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation;

8.8 ballots will be counted immediately after the closing date and time of the election and may only be destroyed after the results have been made official and on condition that there are no objections raised or complaints or irregularities reported;

8.9 4 (four) persons elected by the outgoing House Committee will comprise the Election Committee responsible for the counting of votes, such persons being independent; election committee will also comprise a non-resident from another residence, of the Head of Residence’s choice, who is outgoing or incoming chair of either House Hippocrates or Curlitzia; as an external mediator;

8.10 the Election Committee shall comprise 4 persons elected by the outgoing House Committee, one of which shall act as the Chief Election Officer, being the outgoing chairperson of the House Committee or his/her nominee;

8.11 voting shall be by way of ballot paper which -

8.11.1 shall be drawn up in the format approved by the Election Committee;

8.11.2 shall be issued to eligible voting Members only;

8.12 a ballot paper shall be spoilt if -

8.12.1 one or more than the allowed number of votes are cast;

8.12.2 completed or handed in after the official closing time and date of the election; or

8.12.3 not handed in personally by the member casting the vote;

8.12.4 purporting to cast a vote for a candidate either disqualified or not participating as a formal candidate,

in which event such ballot paper shall be deemed to be of no force and effect and shall be duly rejected.


9.1 House Meetings comprise a meeting of all Residents of the Hostel and are held primarily for information purposes.

9.2 Members shall enjoy voting rights at such meetings

9.3 At least 3 (three) General House Meetings are required to be held during each year as follows:

9.3.1 soon after the first year students’ arrival;

9.3.2 a second meeting immediately or as soon as possible after the April holiday and

9.3.3 a third meeting in preparation of the election of the future (following year’s) House Committee.

9.3.4 dates for General House Meetings may be decided upon by the House Committee provide it acts to benefit the majority of residents.

9.4 Notice of the General House Meeting requires to be given by the chairperson of the House Committee to the Residents at least 72 hours before the commencement of the meeting by placing a notice on the central notice board of the Hostel.

9.5 Standard meeting procedures shall apply at the meetings.

9.6 All House Committee members and the Building Supervisor, who shall be invited to all House Committee meetings, shall have a turn to speak.

9.7 Minutes of the General House Meetings will be kept by the secretary of the House Committee and distributed to those Residents who have made a request within 48 hours.

9.8 House Committee members and chairperson shall wear faculty colours.

9.9 Apologies are required to be made in writing addressed to the chairperson within 24 hours before the commencement of each House Committee meeting by persons not attended. Attendance shall be monitored by way of circulation and the signing of an attendance list. It being recorded that 5 (five) seniority points shall be deducted from each Resident failing to attend the House Committee meeting without a valid apology and reason. Valid reasons for excuse include personal or family crises, incapacitation, residence sport events, after-hours academic obligations and physical inability to arrive timeously.

9.10 House Committee meetings will be convened in accordance with and in order to accommodate all Residents’ test rosters, as far as is reasonably possible.

9.11 A resolution of a house meeting requires a majority vote by those present, the Chairman having a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes in addition to his normal vote.

9.12 A special General House Meeting may be convened without giving written notice, provided that at least 12 hours verbal notice is given by the chairperson or any House Committee Member against the request addressed to the chairperson to give notice of such a meeting by a minimum of 20 Members. In this regard special meetings are not compulsory, provided that written apologies require to be handed to the chairperson and subject to such penalties as applied to non-attendance of General House Meetings.


10.1 A quorum for a valid:

10.1.1 House Committee meeting shall require a majority of the House Committee members to be present for purposes of commencing and holding a meeting of the House Committee;

10.1.2 a General House Meeting shall require at least 50% plus one (1) of the total Residents of the Hostel to be present, which attendance requires at least a three (3) House Committee members being present for purposes of valid General House Meeting being held;

10.1.3 meetings dealing with the Constitution requires a majority, as more fully described in article 14 hereinafter, provided that without a quorum being present the meeting may not commence neither is such meeting valid in any respect and shall automatically be postponed if after 20 minutes from the anticipated commencement time a quorum is not present, save where the chairperson with reasonable expectation rules the waiting period to be extended in order to achieve a quorum.

Article 11: RULES

Rules may be drawn up by the House Committee mainly for purposes of governances and the management of the Hostel and its Residents. In this regard:

11.1 All rules must be in accordance and not contravene the terms of the Constitution;

11.2 rules require to be accepted by the Residents in a General House Meeting after presentation thereof by the House Committee, after which such rules shall apply to all Residents;

11.3 breach of the rules by any Resident shall result in disciplinary actions being taken against such Resident, at the discretion of the House Committee subject to the disciplinary codes of the University and the Manifesto of Student Rights.

11.4 All rules stated in the TuksRes Guide as published annually by the Department of Residences and Accommodation are applicable, and may only be changed or circumvented by the Head of Residence, or Chairperson acting with his authority. This can only be granted as a temporary measure depending on circumstances.


The Constitution may only be changed, supplemented or challenged at a General House Meeting. In this regard:

12.1 any proposed amendment or challenge pertaining to any clause of the Constitution requires written notice to be given to the secretary of the House Committee, 2 (two) days before a Special House Meeting for purposes of including the relevant point on the agenda;

12.2 any change to the Constitution requires a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of eligible voting Members being present at a Special House Meeting where the chairperson of the House Committee shall have a casting vote, the same as contemplated in 10.10.

12.3 as a preliminary procedure, the House Committee may amend and/or change any Article of the Constitution, provided that before the amendment becomes effective, such change requires approval by the House Committee, as described above, such meeting to be held as soon as reasonably possible after the provisional alteration and/or change has been made.


The House Committee is vested with the authority to carry out and execute disciplinary actions, which shall be carried out in its discretion in order to exercise authority directed at ensuring harmonious coexistence and the maintenance of reasonable discipline the Hostel, provided that:

13.1 all such powers, duties and functions related to disciplinary actions and steps are in accordance with the Discipline and Punishment codes contained in the Management Regulations of the University and shall substantially comply thereto;

13.2 any and/or all complaints and claims made against a party shall be addressed to the House Committee.

13.3 save for the House Committee no other person or body, other than the Rector or the University or his/her delegates, shall have the right to intervene in Hostel affairs and/or matters pertaining to discipline generally.


With regards any damage, vandalism or misuse of property of the Hostel shall result in the party causing such damage to be responsible for the costs of reparation and/or repair, including replacement, which shall be effectuated by the Administration of the University only. In this regard:

14.1 costs attributed to the damage and/or repairs shall be demanded and may be debited direct against the contravening party by the administration of the University and with the assistance of the House Committee only;

14.2 any third party, other than a Resident, causing damage shall be attributed to that Resident with whom the third party was associated during the occurrence;

14.3 all Residents are obliged to immediately report any damage by reporting the same to the House Committee Member - portfolio administration - within 24 hours and/or inserting an inscription in the complaints book - it being recorded that no report requires to be made to the Matron, unless under an emergency circumstance;

14.4 all matters pertaining to the damage, the repair thereof and causation shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the House Committee, whose decision shall be and remain final and binding;

14.5 vandalism shall, apart from other disciplinary steps, result in suspension from being a Resident of the Hostel.


15.1 Theft or malicious damage of Hostel property or from a Resident or third party associated with any of the Residents shall, apart from criminal and civil actions against and by whomsoever, entitle the House Committee to act in accordance with its authority and take such disciplinary steps mutatis mutandis as the House Committee has pertaining to damages, which may include suspension from the Hostel. The reporting procedure of any theft or loss is the same as in the case of damages and applies to all Residents.

15.2 The House Committee shall deal sensitively with claims pertaining to theft or malicious damage and shall discuss relevant issues in camera, first reporting its decision to the Building Supervisor.


16.1 Hostel Building Supervisor and working staff are subject to University policy, however he / she may not interfere with responsibilities of the House Committee.

16.2 Residents shall at all times act courteously towards the Building Supervisor and working staff, no bad language being tolerated.

16.3 All communications pertaining to the operations of the Building Supervisor and working staff shall be through the House Committee Member - portfolio administration - or the chairperson or vice-chairperson, which includes any complaints.


17.1 Should any function or event be planned to take place at the Hostel, written permission must first be obtained from the House Committee by liaison through the House Committee Member - portfolio social - and shall include a specific agreement pertaining to the acceptance of responsibility by the relevant parties.

17.2 Any person or institution using the Hostel or its facilities shall be and remain responsible for any damage, loss or reasonable expense incurred as a result of such use.

17.3 The privacy of Residents shall be maintained and respected at all times by persons using any facility.

17.4 The Hostel may house third parties not being Resident students (by example, foreign students or lecturers), who have successfully applied and obtained permission from the House Committee and the Building Supervisor, provided that such person pays the agreed tariffs and fees stipulated in such permission and subject to the availability of room/s.

17.5 Resident guests shall comply with all house rules, regulations and this Constitution and not interfere or intervene in any internal matters pertaining to the Hostel and be and remain subject to the authority of the House Committee and the Building Supervisor.

17.6 Under no circumstances will a non-resident ever be allowed to use the washing room or IT lab facilities. This also pertains to students who previously lived in the residence.


18.1 Telephone:

Residents are specifically prohibited from misusing or damaging the property of Telkom pertaining to installed telephones and shall be responsible for their own costs and bills.

18.2 Room allocation and parking:

18.2.1 No Resident may change rooms without permission of the House Committee and without first having applied and completed the necessary documentation.

18.2.2 Room allocations will occur under the supervision of the House Committee.

18.2.3 The House Committee allocates rooms to first year students.

18.2.4 Seniority pertaining to room allocation shall apply as determined and set out in the seniority plan, provided that persons having temporarily left the Hostel will forfeit their seniority points.

18.2.5 No Resident may be forced to vacate a room, unless so determined by the House Committee.

18.2.6 During the chairperson’s term of office, he/she shall have a first option to any vacant room in the Hostel and has preference over any other Resident despite seniority. The chairperson also has the option of a flat at normal tariff, which he/she shall advise the Administration of such election in writing.

18.2.7 Flats on the A and B blocks are allocated according to academic and residence seniority. The flats are for the use of individuals, nor married couples. The same rules pertaining to use of single rooms on all corridors are applicable. All applications must be directed in writing to the division hostel administration of the University, whose representative will make the flat allocation in conjunction with the residence administration house committee member.

18.2.8 Rules pertaining to the use of the clubhouse and IT lab facilities are exactly as stated by the TuksRes guide.

18.3 Use of alcohol or other substances:

18.3.1 The use of alcohol on the Hostel premises and in rooms is governed by University policy, provided that abuse and drunkenness is strictly prohibited, the formal use of this policy of the hostel applying at all times.

18.3.2 The House Committee shall take disciplinary steps against any person having misused alcohol, having been drunk or caused damage or nuisance and may impose the suspension of such contravening party.

18.3.3 Misbehaviour under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is strictly prohibited and shall subject such contravening party to disciplinary actions being taken against the party.

18.4 Male/Female attendances:

Both male and female Residents are permitted to be present in each other’s rooms, provided that discretion is used in relation to times of visitation and the privacy of other Residents.

18.5 Pets:

No pets other than bowl fish may be kept in the Hostel, with the House Committee reserving the right to remove any pet or animal being kept.

18.6 Firearms:

Firearms may only be kept by specific permission from the Building Supervisor and stored in the House Committee’s safe.

18.7 Electronic equipment:

Electronic equipment, including hi-fis, may be kept and used subject to discretion and reasonable compliance with any request by fellow Residents or the House Committee to avoid noise or nuisance, failing compliance which may lead to confiscation by the authority of the House Committee.

18.8 Noise time:

See Annexure A

18.9 Entrance and parking stickers:

Only Residents in the Hostel whose vehicles have the required parking sticker will be allowed passage through the main gate of the parking areas. Residents or outsiders without stickers will only be allowed through after having given full details to the security.

18.10 Behaviour:

Residents are expected to behave themselves in a responsible manner and respect the property of the University by taking due care and diligence, without the right of removing any property from rooms, save for prior written consent first having been obtained from either the Building Supervisor or the House Committee, where applicable.


The governances described in this Constitution shall apply to all persons (Residents) who have registered with the Administration of the University and have been allocated a room in the Hostel, and each Resident shall familiarise themselves with the contents of this Constitution, including all rules, appendices and governances, which shall be available to each Resident against request, irrespective of such person having become a voting member.


The House Committee acknowledges the hierarchy, function and role of the Student Representative Council of the University insofar as the House Committee requires to cooperate with and be subservient to the rules and regulations pertaining to the SRC and the University generally.

21.1 The House Committee will decide on all matters dealing with or pertaining to the Constitution and in this regard will exercise its discretion to the best of its ability.

21.2 It is recorded that House Committee members have been elected voluntary and are therefore indemnified and held harmless by all other Residents and third parties related to any decision having been taken individually or collectively.

22.1 The English text of the Constitution shall take preference in the event of a dispute or difference in the interpretation between the English and the Afrikaans text of the Constitution or any regulation, schedule or annexure thereto.

22.2 An interpretation by the House Committee in applying the Articles and/or terms or governances pertaining to the Constitution shall be final and binding on all those governed by or under the jurisdiction of the Constitution.


The Constitution dated 5 September 2006, supersedes all other Constitutions and documents of similar nature and is the only Constitution of the Hostel, provided that where matters pertaining to the governance and administration of the Hostel affairs shall vest in and remain to be decided upon by the House Committee, which is hereby vested with the relevant authority.




The Constitution shall be available from the House committee for inspection and study by any resident and all residents shall familiarise themselves with the contents thereof.




Noise times as decided by vote at a General House Meeting are as

Mondays to Thursday:
Sunday: No noise
Public holidays: As for Saturday

Published by George Varughese

Copyright © University of Pretoria 2020. All rights reserved.

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