House Father

A message from Mr Petrus Lombard
House Father of House Olympus

To all the Olympians and their parents

As house parents of Olympus we congratulate your son on his achievements over the year in 2015 and we are looking forward to be part of his development and academic achievement over the next few years. Christa and I (Petrus Lombard) as house parents are looking forward not only to take care of everybody in Olympus but also to see that everyone excel in their studies. Every year will be difficult with a lot of challenges away from home and it is therefore that everyone at Olympus must focus on their studies but also live their life to the fullest.

In life you have to make choices but with choices there is responsibilities and therefore there will be time for studies, social life and even the possibility of meeting your future wife on campus. Safety and security are also important and therefore we strive to make Olympus a safe haven for our students.  With our open door policy every student must feel free to discuss their problems with us and we will assist them as “parents”. Varsity is the best time of your life: We want everybody to participate in all Olympus activities.

We need everyone’s participation in everything we have to offer at Olympus and we will support you in all your endeavours. Olympus achievements in the Academic field, Community engagement, Sport as well as in the Culture areas at the University of Pretoria makes them a force to recon with. The results of 2015 in the Academic as well as Culture field show that we can achieve more in 2016.

If you need any support, we are there for you and I believe that between us we can help you to fulfil your dream.

To all the Olympians: We hope you will have a wonderful 2016 at Olympus and that you as an Olympian will make us proud. Looking forward to seeing you 2016.


Petrus and Christa Lombard

082 857 7912

[email protected]


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