First Year Guardian, Debating

A Message from Michael Beckenstrater

“We will be Olympians, Virorum Inlustrium” while these words may bear little relevance to you now, they will soon come to embody an ideology that every man should strive to achieve. Virorum Inlustrium – Men of Distinction. I invite you to come and discover what it means to be an Olympian, to be a Man of Distinction.

Greetings prospective Olympian, my name is Michael Beckensträter and I will be your First Year Guardian for the upcoming term. I am exceedingly excited not only to  work with you, but also to form a profound bond of brotherhood with you. Together we can reach heights once thought unattainable.

When you arrive, you will soon realise that a different breed of man dwells on the Mountain of the Gods. No mere mortal is invited to stay in House Olympus, but only a finite elite are invited to share its sacred ground. Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievements which have brought you this far.

At House Olympus we strive for excellence in every facet of life be it in academics, sports, culture, social or spiritual. House Olympus boasts winning men’s academic residence for over a decade now, claiming the UP A Capella (Serenade) title for two consecutive years and being undefeated in two consecutive rugby seasons, not to mention being the top finishing men’s debating team for four years in a row. Excellence is not merely a virtue we strive to achieve, it is a lifestyle we enjoy living.

You are probably excited, and a little anxious, to begin your new lifestyle at university and open the next chapter of your life. The next few years of your life will undoubtedly be filled with the most fantastic experiences you will ever encounter. Through these experiences you are likely to continue to grow in character and make memories you will never forget. As your first year guardian I will assist you in this process and ensure that you benefit from a rewarding university experience.  Few things compare to the excitement and exhilaration of an ordinary residence life, but a life at House Olympus is in an entirely different league. 

My responsibility lies in aiding you through the difficult transition between high school and university life. I am your point of reference for any and all of your concerns be it; academics, emotions, music, girls or impeccable advice about cooking. I have an open door policy, and as you will soon realize, you can come to me with any problem that you may experience. Your well-being is my primary concern and I will do everything in my power to assist you in that regard. In addition to preserving your well being I will also oversee all the activities you participate in during welcoming week, and I will organize several exciting events for you throughout the year.

I hereby vow to do my job to the best of my abilities and I will try to make your first year unforgettable. I fully commit to you and respectfully ask that you commit to House Olympus in return, not just for me, but for your own self-interest. House Olympus is a small, elite residence and therefore your commitment to participate in our residence activities is critical for the success of our residence. As our outstanding academic record would suggest please do not worry that any activity might influence your academics negatively.

My final message to you is: ENJOY! You are part of a select few who have been chosen to be part of this outstanding residence. House Olympus bears an imposing reputation for very good reasons and you will come to realise this when you join us up on the mountain of the Gods. So relish every opportunity, embrace every moment, live with pride, and honour your residence and profession – you are well on your way to reaching heights you have never dreamed possible. Good luck with your final examinations and enjoy your matric holiday. Most of all, get excited because 2019 is going to be a legendary year!!


My sincere regards, prospective Olympian

Michael Beckensträter

079 675 3241

[email protected]

- Author Michael Beckenstrater
Published by Vigneshwara Naiker

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