Admin, facilities and maintenance, second year guardian

A message from Mthokozisi Ntuli


IMG_0002 - Copy.jpgDear Prospective Olympian,

 I’m Mthokozisi Ntuli and I would first like to congratulate you on being accepted firstly into the Faculty of Health Sciences and secondly into this prestigious residence that you will soon call home called Olympus. Being a member of this fine residence will give you many opportunities to grow as a person, as well as building strong relations with your future brothers.

Our main purpose as a House Committee is to make sure that you get well integrated into this new and exciting part of your life. One of my portfolios is Admin which basically means that I take care of the administrative side of the residence. My other portfolio is facilities and maintenance which means that if you are experiencing any difficulties with the facilities of the residence I will be the first one called to come sort it out and make sure your stay at Olympus is as comfortable as possible

These past two years at the University of Pretoria have been the most exciting times of my life and I have really forged a brotherhood with people from all walks of life. But do not get lost in this new adventure that you are about to go on, here at Olympus we will teach you to balance your life very well, whether it be new friends, women, academics. We look forward to meeting you next year and help guide you into a man of distinction.


Mthokozisi Ntuli


[email protected]


- Author Mthokozisi Ntuli
Published by Vigneshwara Naiker

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