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A message from Melvin van Rooyen


IMG_0006 - Copy.jpgDear prospective Kuiken

Congratulations on being selected into, in my opinion and those of everyone else, the best residence in Tuks. Although small in number, it is the quality of our students and our attitude of ambition and competiveness that drives us to be successful. House Olympus truly regards holistic development as an integral part of student life. You learn how to reach this “well balanced lifestyle” everyone has been encouraging you to live. I am Melvin van Rooyen and I am your HC member responsible for the portfolio of External Culture.

In-Sync, the first year concert happens right at the beginning of the year and this event does not only provide a space for you to live out your dream of being in a boyband or a dance group, but also for you to start building up life-long friendships with your fellow Kuikens. This is where your first big fun moments kick in and where you realise that first impressions last when you perform in front of the ladies of Tuks.

Step It Up (previously known as Serrie). This is the second event that I’m mentioning, yet the most important one on any Tuks student’s calendar. Step it UP is very similar to In-Sync, it just takes place on a much larger scale with the whole house joining in all the dancing fun. This is where music brings all those in residence together. Even the ones without rhythm. You all get to live in music from different pop cultures. Gentleman, Olympians never forget to have fun between our academics. Embrace every aspect of Residence culture, because this will help you to truly experience first year and guide you on your path of becoming an Olympian.

Get keen boys. It is going to be lit!

Virorum Inlustrium! We will continue being men of distinction.

If you can play any musical instrument, even if it’s been a while since you have played, please send me an email and bring it along for the first year band. Please also bring along khaki shorts if you have a pair or two.


Melvin van Rooyen


[email protected]



- Author Melvin van Rooyen
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