Internal Culture, Clothing and Marketing.

A message from Christopher Knoesen


IMG_0003 - Copy.jpgDear Prospective Kuiken and Future Olympian,

Firstly, congratulations on your admittance into the Faculty of Health Science and even more so, congratulations on being accepted into the critically acclaimed House Olympus.

As the HC of Internal Culture, I am responsible for planning all major events. Most events carry deep pride and traditions with them and you obviously do not want to miss out on them. You may have heard of such headliners like the extravaganza which is ‘Around the World’ or our cultural showpiece which is our annual Olympus Barnyard. Internal Culture is far more than just a release from your academic curriculum. Taking part in the events that we host provides you with the means to make long lasting friendships, to experience a different side of life, to participate in something much bigger than yourself and most importantly to create memories that you will carry with you forever. I look forward to working with you – your participation as a First Year is pivotal to the success of everything we do in Internal Culture.

From a clothing standing point – the charming maroon golf t-shirt that you will wear on a weekly basis is organized by me. As you become accustomed to House Olympus you will begin to notice the branded attire many of  the seniors will wear – you too will want to acquire such clothing to show off your Olympus pride. For all your clothing desires don’t hesitate to give me a call – but you’ll learn more about this later in the year.

As the Marketing HC, I am responsible for putting the Olympians name out there. Using social media, I will show the world exactly what it means to be an Olympian. Follow the Marketing closely to get information pertaining to the major movements going on at Olympus.

A bit of advice from my side… I came to Olympus thinking my next 6 years of study were going to be completely academic (which in retrospect would have been a nightmare). I had no idea what was waiting for me when I stepped into the Halls of Olympus. You see, here we breed ‘Men of Distinction.’ We want you to become somebody who isn’t simply defined by their academics but rather someone who is whole and has experience in just about everything. Here at house Olympus we provide you with ample opportunities to extend yourself and become this holistic individual. I really hope you’ll grab these opportunities by the horns and wrestle them to the ground.

 I look forward to meeting you in the year to come.


Christopher Knoesen

071 863 6776

[email protected]

- Author Christopher Knoesen
Published by Vigneshwara Naiker

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