Vice-Chairman, Academics and Mentorship, UP A Capella

A message from Rikus Pretorius

IMG_0024.jpgGreetings prospective Olympian

A sincere congratulations to you on being accepted in to the prestigious Health Science Faculty. It is truly an achievement to be very proud of and I commend all the hard work and effort you have put in to reach your goals. What will truly set you apart though is your decision to become a part of the most prestigious residence in the entire country: House Olympus.

With my portfolio of Academics and Mentorship it will be my job to ensure that you will be able to experience all university life has to offer while still managing to balance your academic responsibilities. Olympus prides itself on being the top male academic residence for 10 years running and we don’t intend to drop the ball now.

At Olympus we strive towards academic excellence. This does not mean that we spend all our time locked away in our rooms, on the contrary Olympians excel in all aspects of university life. This is largely due to the exemplary support structures that we offer. I will be in charge of helping each first year student make the transition from High School to university in such a manner that the residence life does not pass them by. Each student will be assigned a senior student that will serve as their academic mentor to offer a helping hand and advice on whatever they may be struggling with. You will also stay with your fellow first years and the help you will offer each other will be of paramount importance.

Secondly I hold the portfolio of UP A Capella. This is an annual singing competition among the TUKS residences. It comprises of a group of 20 guys making enthralling music together and forming a brotherhood like no other. Olympus is the proud winner of the best male residence and best overall residence categories for 2 years running and we will strive towards upholding these great results. I encourage all first years to come for the auditions, you never know what hidden singing talents you might discover! So keep your eyes open for audition dates next year! To further fuel your excitement go watch our YouTube videos!

In conclusion I would like to assure both parents and prospective first years that Olympus is really the best place to be for both personal and academic growth. We recognise the hard work that brought you here and will do our best in assisting you in completing the next phase in your dreams of becoming a health care professional. Being in our residence you will get to live an amazing life that day students can only dream of!

Should you have any questions about residence or academics please do not hesitate to contact me. We are looking forward to welcoming you in 2019 when your journey of a lifetime begins!

[email protected]
083 799 3058

- Author Rikus Pretorius
Published by Vigneshwara Naiker

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