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A message from Yogesh Naiker


IMG_0028.jpgDear Prospective Olympian


Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into the Health Science Faculty and furthermore on your acceptance into our prestigious res House Olympus (Home of the Gods) your time spent at Olympus will allow you to expand your views on aspects life and you’ll become part of a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.


My portfolio is Safety and Security and main priority is to make you feel as safe as possible in your new home. I will take care of any concerns that you may have ranging from noise complaints, fire scares or finding yourself in dangerous situations and instance. I will always make myself available for all residents at any time should you ever find yourself in need of any safety and security services.


During my term I will try my best to implement new safety strategies that will that will not only ensure your freedom from physical harm but also strive to keep you from emotional harm as well as from the threat or fear of harm and danger at our residence.


Thus, with me as the Safety and Security HC you can make the most of your time here at Olympus while being confident rest that you and your possessions will be completely safe and free from harm. However, it is also imperative that you take your own initiative and be proactive with regards to your personal safety and security and together we can make Olympus a safe environment for all.


My years at House Olympus have been the most memorable of my life so far and I guarantee you that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay here. At House Olympus:  you’ll become part of an incredible new family, you’ll make tons of unforgettable memories and in doing so you’ll learn a lot about yourself.


I look sincerely look forward to meeting you next year and watch as you develop and grow into a true Olympian!



Yogesh Naiker

[email protected]


- Author Yogesh Naiker
Published by Vigneshwara Naiker

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