MKD (Heritage and Museum Studies)

MKD 702 Museum Theory and Practice (Diploma)
Museum administration, museum history, aspects relating to museum theory and practice.

MKD 703 Museum Skills (Diploma)
Collection, documentation, exhibition and conservation.

MKD 704 Heritage Management (Diploma)
The entire spectrum of environment management functions:  its influence on the existence and development of cultural resources in the environment.

MKD 705 Research Report:  Heritage and Museum Studies (Honours)
A research report on an approved museological topic.

MKD 706 Trends in Museology (Honours)
An in-depth study of the changing of approaches in museology.

MKD 707 Heritage and Museum Development (Honours)
Aspects such as, inter alia, the identification, development and conservation (preservation of conservation) of museums and heritage sites.

MKD 708 Museum Orientation (Honours)
An overview of museum skills and practices.

MKD 800 Examination:  Heritage and Museum Studies
Examination as prescribed by the programme manager, which may include, among others, assignments/seminars, tests and short courses.

MKD 891 Dissertation:  Heritage and Museum Studies
A dissertation on an approved museological topic.

MKD 895 Mini-dissertation:  Heritage and Museum Studies
A mini-dissertation on an approved museological topic.

MKD 901 Examination:  Heritage and Museum Studies
Examination/presentation on the thesis.

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