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GES (History) Postgraduate Courses

GES 701 Historiography and speculative philosophy of history (compulsory). 
The aim of this module is to portray by means of certain examples the development of history as a science from its origins in the 19th century to the present. This goes for both Western and South African historiography. The speculative philosophy of history aims at a universal-historical approach to history which reveals the pattern of thought and structure of thought of the presenters.

GES 713 Theory and methodology (compulsory). 
This module guides students through the process of conducting historical research. Students become acquainted with the vast range of historical sources, are shown where to find them and how to collect, sort and order information. The course also offers practical experience in interpreting historical information and presenting the results – in short: how to contribute to new knowledge about the past by writing histories themselves.

GES 770 Research report (compulsory). 
The research essay is an independent study on a topic of the student's choice with the approval and in collaboration with a specifically identified supervisor within the Department. Primary and/or secondary research is undertaken and processed into an essay of delimited scope.

GES 704 South African History (elective). 
A theme from the history of South Africa.A theme from the history of South Africa.

GES 705 Themes in African history (elective). 
This module focuses on the African experience from the era of European colonisation in the late 19th century, through the colonial episode to the post-colonial period and investigates the forces that helped shape the trajectory of the continent’s history, which accounts for its present condition. It draws on a wide range of readings on the various topics so that, in addition to exploring the issues outlined above, the course also exposes students to the various historiographical approaches to recent African history.

GES 714 Socio-cultural history of South Africa (elective). 
Aspects of the socio-cultural history of South Africa. 

GES 715 World history (elective).
Aspects of the history of the Modern World.

GES 800 Examination 
Examining (as prescribed by the head of department), which may include, among other things, assignments/seminars, tests and short courses.

GES 890 Dissertation. 
A dissertation on an approved historical topic.

GES 895 Mini-dissertation. 
A mini-dissertation on an approved historical topic.

GES 900 Examination/Presentation on the thesis

GES 990 Thesis. 
A thesis on an approved historical topic.

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