Drs George Mulamula and Petrus Letaba complied with the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management.

Posted on May 03, 2018

Prof Elma van der Lingen. Chair: Graduate School of Technology Management would like to congratulate Drs George Mulamula and Petrus Letaba who have complied with the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management.

Tshotleho Petrus Letaba (Supervisor Prof Tinus Pretorius and Co-Supervisor Prof Leon Pretorius)

In his thesis, Complex technology roadmap development in the context of developing countries, the promovendus investigated an appropriate framework for technology roadmapping processes in developing countries. The research addressed two main questions namely what the unique framework conditions for innovation in developing countries are and whether dominant technology roadmapping practices can be adapted for developing countries. The study concluded that third-generation technology roadmaps are dominant in developing countries. The proposed framework for developing countries integrates the technology roadmapping framework with other technology management knowledge domains such as transition management theory, complex systems theory and innovation value chain upgrading theories. Although there are other frameworks in the literature that attempted this integration, the contribution of this research was the development of a framework appropriate for developing countries.

George Stephen Mulamula (Supervisor Prof Joe Amadi-Echendu)

With a thesis titled, An examination of the relationships between the transfer of information and communications technologies and capacity building towards sustainable development of small and medium enterprises: A focus on Rwanda and Tanzania. Based on the proposition that indigenous technological technical capabilities of small and medium enterprises in developed countries are weak, this research dealt with the accumulation of small and medium enterprise capabilities through the transfer of information and communication technologies. It provides a rich source of empirical evidence for policy making on sustainable development of technology-based SMEs in both Rwanda and Tanzania. The research adds to the knowledge on how the recipients of information and communication technology transfer can benefit from the use of the acquired technology.

- Author Prof Elma van der Lingen
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