Project Management

Project management continues to be one of the most sought-after skills in the modern professional society.

The Project Management Group (PMG) was established in 1998 at the Department of Engineering and Technology Management at the University of Pretoria to develop and offer a Master’s Degree in Project Management (MPM). It subsequently expanded training to one-year certificate programs as well as multiple short courses in the field of project management.

In addition to training, the PMG participates in national and international activities related to the enhancement of project management as a recognized and effective management discipline. These activities include the establishment of project management competency criteria, active involvement in the various ISO 21500 standards and guidelines, as well as attendance and presentations at national and international conferences. As part of its post-graduate offering, various research activities take place in the from a Masters and PhD dissertations. The research not only provides the opportunity to investigate and master specific areas of project management but also adds to the understanding, comprehension, and contribution to the field of project management.


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