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Head of Department

Prof Serena Coetzee


Qualifications:   BSc, BScHons, Higher National Educational Diploma (HNED), MSc, PhD (Pretoria)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3823
Office:               Geography Building 1-3.7


Administrative staff

Mrs Corne van Aardt

Departmental Coordinator (Administration and Finances)

Qualifications:   BTech Office Management and Technology
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2489
Office:               Geography Building 1-3.3


Mrs Lunga Ngcongo

General and student enquiries

Qualifications:   Bachelor of Business Administration (UKZN), Postgraduate Diploma: Marketing & Supply Chain (UKZN)

email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3536
Office:               Geography Building 1-3.5


Academic staff

Prof Emma Archer

Associate Professor

Program Coordinator: MSc and PhD in CFES (NAS)

Qualifications:   BA (UCT), BAHons (UCT), PhD Geography (Clark University, USA)
email:                 [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2881
Office:               Geography Building 3-5

Prof Greg Breetzke 

Associate Professor

Program Coordinator: MSc and PhD in Geography (NAS)

Qualifications:   MSc (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 4318
Office:               Geography Building 1-19

Dr Nerhene Davis

Senior Lecturer

Program Coordinator: MA and PhD in Geography (Humanities); MA and PhD in CFES (Humanities)

Qualifications:   BA Geography (UP), BAHons Geography (UP), MA (Sussex) PhD (UWC)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2882
Office:               Geography Building 2.1-1


Dr Liesl Dyson

Senior Lecturer

Program Coordinator: BScHons Meteorology

Qualifications:  BSc (UP), MSc Cum Laude (UP), PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2469
Office:               Geography Building 2-11

Mr Joos Esterhuizen


Qualifications:   Dipl Topographical Surveying (SA) (Pretoria Technicon), BComHons Econ, TOD (UP), MSc Geoinformatics (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 4172
Office:               Geography Building 3-10.1

Dr Christel Hansen


Program Coordinator: BSc Geoinformatics

Qualifications:   BSc (Cum Laude) (UP), BScHons (Cum Laude) (UP), MSc (Cum Laude) (RU), PhD (RU)
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 4255
Office:               Geography Building 1-18

Dr Natalie Haussmann

Senior Lecturer

Program Coordinator: BScHons Geography and Environmental Science; BSocSciHons Geography and Environmental Science

Qualifications:   MSc (Amsterdam), PhD (SUN)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 4049
Office:               Geography Building 1-15

Prof Willem A. Landman


Program Coordinator: MSc and PhD Meteorology

Qualifications:   BSc Meteorology, BScHons Meteorology (Cum Laude), MSc Meteorology (Cum Laude), PhD Science (Wits)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3713
Office:               Geography Building 3-7

Mr  Michael Loubser


Qualifications:   BSc Physics, BScHons Geography, MSc Geography (UP)
email:                [email protected] 
Office:               Geography Building 2-8

Dr Thando Ndarana 

Senior Lecturer

Program Coordinator: BSc Meteorology

Qualifications:   BSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (UKZN), BScHons Meteorology (UP), MA, PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences (The Johns Hopkins University, USA)
email:                 [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 5164
Office:               Geography Building 2-5

Dr  Francis Wasswa Nsubuga


Program Coordinator: BSc Geography and Environmental Science

Qualifications:   BA (ED), M.A (LURD) (MUK),Dip.Law (LDC), PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2532
Office:               Geography Building 2-6

Dr Victoria Rautenbach

Senior Lecturer

Program Coordinator: BScHons Geoinformatics

Qualifications:   BSc, BScHons, MSc, PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3489
Office:               Geography Building 3-11

Dr Philemon Tsele (previously, Tsela)

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications:   BSc, BScHons, MSc, PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 4939
Office:               Geography Building 1-14

Mr Barend van der Merwe 


Qualifications:   BSc Environmental Science, BScHons Geography, MSc Geography, MSc (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3699
Office:               Geography Building 2-11


Support staff

Mrs Erika Pretorius

Senior Technical Assistant

Qualifications:  BA (UP), HED (UNISA), SocSciHons GIS, MA Geography (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 3737
Office:               Geography Building 3-9

Mrs Popi Mahlangu

Lab Assistant

email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2880
Office:               Geography Building 1-3.5



Geospatial Information Services

During the nationwide lockdown, the Unit for Geoinformation and Mapping is still open for geospatial mapping, analyses, and assistance. Please contact either Lourens or Lauren for assistance on the details below.

Access to data
Unfortunately, there will be no access to the //prhgeonas01 server for those off-campus. That being said, there are multiple sources of spatial data that can be found online. We encourage using this time to investigate the availability of open data. Please consult respective licenses for terms and conditions of using such data. You can access the list of recommended data sources at For a list of recommended GIS products please visit

Lourens Snyman

Qualifications:  BA (UP), BAHons (UP), MA (UP; Cum Laude)

email:                [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2862
Office:               Geography Building 1-8.1

Ms Lauren Pijper

Qualifications:   BSc Geoinformatics (UP)
email:                [email protected] 
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 420 2862
Office:               Geography Building 1-8.1

Lauren is available for queries and assistance Wednesday & Thursday 09:00-17:00.


Extraordinary staff


Extraordinary Lecturer (Geomorphology, wetland studies)
Qualifications:   BSc Geography & Geology, HDipEd, BScHons Geography, MSc Geography (Wits), PhD Geography  (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg)
Tel:                    +268 (0) 2518 8859
Office:                c/o Department of Geography, Environmental Science and Planning, University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni Campus, Private Bag 4, Kwaluseni, Swaziland
email:                [email protected]

Extraordinary Lecturer (Meteorology)

Qualifications:   BSc Soil and water conservation (University of Asmara, Eritrea), MSc Meteorology (UP), PhD Meteorology (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   BScHons Mathematics & Physics (Moi University, Kenya), MSc Engineering (Chalmers University of Technology,  Sweden), MSc Astrophysics (RU), PhD Atmospheric modelling for space geodetic applications (UP)
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 423 9096
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   BScHons (University of Zimbabwe), MS.ED (University of Havana, Cuba), MSc (Indiana University, USA), MSc (University of Zimbabwe), PhD (Wits)
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 310 2672
Office:                GeoInformation Sciences, Institute for Soil, Climate and Water, Private Bag X79, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
email:                [email protected]
Dr Marius Claassen
Extraordinary Lecturer (Environmental science, ecology)
Qualifications:   BSc Zoology and Botany, BScHons Zoology, MSc Biological monitoring (Rand Afrikaans University)
email:               [email protected]
Extraordinary Professor (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   Diploma in Datametrics, BSc Physical Electronics, Geography and Information Systems, BScHons Physical Geography (Unisa), MSc Applied Science, PhD in Space Geodesy (UCT), PBL Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership (Unisa, School of Business Leadership)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   BSc (Inf Proc), BScHons (RU), MDP (Unisa), MSc (UP), PhD (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Martella du Preez
Extraordinary Lecturer (Environmental science)
Extraordinary Lecturer (Meteorology)
Qualifications:  BSc Meteorology, MSc Meteorology, PhD Meteorology (UP)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Environmental science)
Qualifications:  BSc Microbiology and Environmental Science, BScHons Molecular and Cell Biology, MSc Environmental Sciences (Wits), PhD Earth Systems Sciences (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Regional air quality modelling, environmental health)
Qualifications:   BSc Environmental Chemistry & Political Science (Allegheny College, Meadville, PA, USA), PhD Chemistry (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Meteorology)
Qualifications:   BSc Meteorology, BScHons Meteorology, MSc Meteorology, PhD Meteorology (UP) 
Tel:                    +27 (0) 12 367 6016
Office:                SAWS Regional Training Centre, Highveld, Centurion, 0001
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Meteorology)
Qualifications:   National Higher Diploma Meteorology (Pretoria Technikon), BSc Meteorology (UP), BSc Environmental & Geographical Science (UCT), PhD Civil Engineering (SUN)
email:                [email protected]
Dr Renaud Mathieu
Extraordinary Lecturer (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   Engineer in Agricultural Sciences (Purpan Graduate School of Agriculture, France), Diploma of the Institute of International Studies and Developing Countries (Development and Technical Cooperation) (University of Social Sciences-Toulouse I, France), MSc Applied Remote Sensing (Cranfield University, UK), PhD Geographic Information Sciences (University of Marne-la-Vallée, France)
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Professor (Meteorology)
Qualifications:   BSc Zoology and Botany (University of the Witwatersrand), BScHons Geography (University of South Africa), MSc Geography (Rand Afrikaans University), PhD Climatology (Rand Afrikaans University)
email:                 [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Climate change & environmental  health)
Qualifications:   BSc Botany & Zoology (Makerere University), BScHons Biology (MEDUNSA), MSc Biology & Histology (MEDUNSA), PhD Climate Change (UP), MBA (Netherlands Business School)
Tel:                    +264 (0) 61 223 9977
email:                [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Remote sensing, earth observation)
Qualifications:   BSc Environmental Science (University of Venda), BScHons Environmental Science (University of Venda), MSc Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (Consortium of 4 European Universities), PhD Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (University of Twente, Netherlands)
Tel:                    +27 (0) 87 802 7895
email:                A[email protected] 
Extraordinary Lecturer (Geoinformatics)
Qualifications:   PhD Geography
email:                [email protected] or [email protected]
Tel:                    +27 (0) 11 471 2262
Office:                Calabash building, Unisa Science Campus, Cnr Christiaan de Wet and Pioneer Ave, Florida, Johannesburg
Advocate PJ Snijman 
Extraordinary Lecturer (Environmental law)
Qualifications:    BA LLB & MPhil Environmental Management (SUN), LLM Environmental Law (UCT)
email:                 [email protected]
Isa van Aardt
Extraordinary Lecturer (Environmental science)
Qualifications:    BCom (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education), MBA (University of Pretoria), DBA (University of Pretoria)
email:                 [email protected]
Extraordinary Lecturer (Public health & geography)
Qualifications:  MSocSc Geography and Environmental Management, PhD Public Health
email:               [email protected]
Office:              Laboratory of Atmospheric Science, Geography Building


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