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While biology is by nature a multifaceted, multidisciplinary science, many of the recent advances have transpired through the intermingling of the traditional disciplines. There is a growing awareness with employers and governments that researchers need to employ integrative approaches in order to effectively address contemporary research challenges.

At undergraduate level the Department provides students with a comprehensive study of the nature, transmission, expression and manipulation of genetic information in living organisms. Students are introduced to various applications of genetic principles in fields as diverse as genomics, genetic engineering, molecular plant breeding, biotechnology, disease diagnostics and risk determination, bioethics, population and molecular ecology, as well as behavioural and evolutionary studies.

  • BSc (Genetics)
  • BSc (Human Genetics)
  • BSc (Biotechnology
We offer both single and dual major options in our Genetics and Human Genetics study programmes. This allows you to either specialize in your research field of interest, or to embrace the opportunity to develop a flexible, multidisciplinary background to augment your interest in Genetics and develop skills spanning traditional subject definitions.

The study programme in Biotechnology aims to present students with a background in various aspects of the biosciences, while also providing insight into the field of molecular biotechnology. The third year focuses on selected Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology modules, while also offering students ample opportunity to include several electives to direct their degrees to address specific fields of interest.
For information on the third year electives for the BIOTECHNOLOGY programme please click HERE.

Genetics can also be studied within the Medical Sciences and the Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology study programmes. By carefully choosing your electives, students within either of these programmes can apply to the Honours programme in Genetics at postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Modules

1st Year

GTS161 - Introductory Genetics

2nd Year

GTS251 - Molecular Genetics 
GTS261 - Genetic Variation and Evolution

3rd Year

GTS351 - Eukaryotic Gene Control and Development
GTS354 - Genome Evolution 
GTS367 - Population and Evolutionary Genetics
GTS368 - Genetics in Human Health
BTC361 - Plant Genetics and Crop Biotechnology


Postgraduate Programmes

Graduates may go on to further study including Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees. The Department of Genetics offers postgraduate qualifications in Genetics and Biotechnology.

The one-year Honours degree includes a strong self-study component, exposure to a broad range of applicable technologies and a limited research project. All our postgraduate degrees are strictly research-based.  At Masters and Doctoral level students are therefore required to complete an approved research project within one of the recognized research fields in the Department.

Honours programmes:


Masters and Doctoral programmes

Information regarding MSc and PhD studies in the Department of Genetics

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

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