Dr Engela Honey

Senior Lecturer

engela.honey [at] up.ac.za
(012) 319 2269


MBChB (Pret) MMed (Paed) (Stell)

Teaching subjects

GTS 368 Genetics in Human Health
Genetics (Honours)
MBChB (Faculty of Health Science)
MMed (Paed and O&G)

 Academic & professional experience

She is a qualified paediatrician registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa but has been employed by the University since 1998. Her interests are children with birth defects and genetic defects and the mechanisms behind it. She does genetic counselling and organises the further management of these children. She works at all the hospitals affiliated with the University (Pretoria Academic Hospital, Kalafong Hospital and Witbank Hospital) and lectures the students busy with their medical training as well as students busy with specialist training in Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is also involved in pre- and postgraduate training of Genetics students.

Research focus

Behavioural problems in individuals with an underlying genetic disorder especially Prader-Willi syndrome; dysmorphic features in children with cancer; attention deficit disorder and the familial incidence; birth defects in general.


  1. A novel nonsense mutation in the EYA1 gene associated with branchio-oto-renal/branchiootic syndrome in an Afrikaner kindred. Clarke J.C., Honey E.M., Bekker E., Snyman L.C., Raymond R.M . Jr, Lord C., Brophy P.D. (2006 Clinical Genetics 70:63-67.
  2. Ultrastructural Investigation of Zimmermann-Laband syndrome. Hoogendijk C.F., Marx J., Honey E.M., Pretorius E., Christianson A.L.. Ultrastructural Pathology (2006) 30:423-426.
  3. Associated syndromes and other genetic variations at a South African cleft lip and palate clinic. H.J.S. van den Berg, S.M .du Plessis, K-W Bütow, E.M. Honey. Curationis(2009) 32(2): 53-58.
  4. ALG6-CDG in South Africa: Genotype-Phenotype Description of Five Novel Patients. Dercksen M.,Crutchley A.C., Honey E.M., Lippert M.M., Matthijs G., Mienie L.J., Schuman H.C., Vorster B.C., Jaeken J JIMD (2012/5) 8:17-23
  5. Compound heterozygosity in a South African patient with Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. Olckers A., Van der Merwe A., Towers G.W., Retief C.F., Honey E., Schutte C-M. Neuromuscular Disorders (2012) 22:728-734
  6. The phenotype of Floating-Harbor syndrome: clinical characterization of 52 individuals with mutations in exon 34 of SRCAP. Nikkel SM, Dauber A, De Munnik S et al. (E.M. Honey) Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (2013) 8:63
  7. Pregnancy outcomes and birth defects from an antiretrovival drug safety study of women in South Africa and Zambia. Cherry Lui K, Mansour F, Mashambab T, et al. (Honey EM). AIDS (2014) 28(15):2259-68.

 Academic membership

Southern African Society for Human Genetics – member
PANDA (Paediatric Neurology and Development Association) – member
MASA (Medical Association of South Africa) - member
IPWSO (International Prader-Willi syndrome organization) – professional member


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