Staff members at the Forensic Anthropology Research Centre


Professor Ericka N. L'Abbé

Director of FARC

[email protected]

Room 5-9, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Prof EN L’Abbé is a Professor of Biological Anthropology in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Pretoria. She is board certified with the American Board of Forensic Anthropology (D-ABFA, 84) and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Her research interests include blunt force trauma and human variation. She actively manages a forensic anthropology laboratory in FARC, supervises postgraduate anthropology research, teaches undergraduate (human osteology, human evolution), and is involved in forensic anthropology casework. 


Leandi Liebenberg


[email protected]

Room 2.1-9, NW1, Hatfield Campus

Leandi Liebenberg has been working in the Department of Anatomy as a lecturer since 2016. She is involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching where she presents courses on forensic anthropology, biological anthropology, and research methodology. Her research interests include the quantification of human skeletal variation and improving methods used to establish the biological profile in anthropological analyses. She conducts forensic anthropological analyses as part of her duties at FARC, and is actively involved in the standardization of methods and proficiency training within the section.

Gabriele C. Krüger

Curator of the Pretoria Bone Collection

First Technical Assistant 

[email protected]

Room 5-33, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Gabi Krüger is a First Technical Assistant in the Department of Anatomy, where she works with the lecturing and other technical staff members to prepare practicals and study opportunities for medical, dental and paramedical students. She is also the coordinator of the Forensic Anthropology Laboratory and the curator of the Pretoria Bone Collection, the Forensic Repository and the Archaeological Collection housed in the Department of Anatomy. She works closely with the members of the Victim Identification Centre (VIC) of the South African Police Service when dealing with forensic cases, as well as with both local and international researchers that make use of the skeletal collections. Her research is focused mainly on improving methods for estimating the biological profile in forensic case analysis, particularly techniques for estimating sex and ancestry. Other activities include forensic case analyses to aid in providing presumptive identifications for unknown skeletal remains and keeping databases for the analyses up-to-date.

Yvette Scholtz

Senior Technical Assistant 

[email protected]

Room 2-2.8, NW1, Hatfield Campus

Yvette Scholtz manages student administration and communications in both the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences for Medical Sciences students, as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences for BSc Honours programmes.

Okuhle Sapo

Technical Assistant 

[email protected]

Room 5-8, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Okuhle Sapo is a technical assistant at the Department of Anatomy, University of Pretoria. He has a keen interest in trauma analysis and ground-penetrating radar surveying and has had the privilege to be involved in grave surveying and detection cases that have involved the redressing of past wrongs namely in Dukatole, Aliwal North and Middelburg, Mpumalanga. His research focus for his MSc was to ascertain the cranial variation among the nine ethnic groups of South Africa with the objective of creating a database that will be used to estimate the ancestry of unknown skeletal remains. This is in the effort of refining the broad ancestral group that is defined as black with many subgroups when it relates to the South African context.


FARC Postdoctoral Researchers


Dr Alison F. Ridel

Postdoctoral Researcher

[email protected]

Room 5-10, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Dr Alison Ridel trains and supervises students at FARC in various methods involving 3D imaging and geometric morphometric analysis.

Dr Linda Mbeki

Postdoctoral Researcher


FARC Research Assistants



Alieske Hagg

Research Assitant: Forensic Case Analysis

[email protected]

Room 5-34, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus


Alieske Hagg assists in analysing and peer reviewing forensic cases for the South African Police Services. 

Maritza Liebenberg

Research Assitant: Forensic Case Analysis and ANA122

[email protected]

Room 5-8, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Maritza Liebenberg assists with analysis and peer reviews of forensic cases, as well as assisting Prof L'Abbé with administrative and teaching assistance in the ANA122 Human Osteology module for 1st year undergraduate Medical Sciences students. Her MSc (completed in 2020) assessed the magnitude of changes in osteometrics associated with thermal alteration by comparing pre- and post-burned measurements in domestic pig femora.


Meg-Kyla Erasmus

Research Assitant: Forensic Case Peer Review and ANA215

[email protected]

Room 5-34, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Meg-Kyla Erasmus conducts peer reviews of forensic cases analysed by staff at FARC. She also assists Prof L'Abbé with the ANA215 Introduction to Biological Anthropology module by preparing and presenting lectures and practicals, marking tests and assignments, and general admin related to the module. Her MSc (completed in 2021) focused in variation of the auditory matrices in South African populations for automated cranio-facial approximations.

Reabetswe Khonynae

Research Assitant: Forensic Case Peer Review and ANA315

[email protected]

Room 5-8, Tswelopele, Prinshof Campus

Reabe Khonyane conducts peer reviews of forensic cases analysed by staff at FARC and assists Ms L Liebenberg with the ANA315 Forensic Anthropology lectures and practicals for 3rd year Medical Sciences students. She also assists with practicals taught to the BSc Honours students in ANA715, and is currently inventorying the Pretoria Bone Collection.


Extraordinary Staff at the FARC


Professor Anna C. Oettlé

Extraordinary Professor

[email protected]

Department of Human Anatomy and Histology

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University

Ga-Rankua, South Africa


Professor Kyra E. Stull

Extraordinary Lecturer

[email protected]

Department of Anthropology

University of Nevada

Reno, United States of America


Professor Dirk Vandermeulen

Extraordinary Professor

[email protected]

Medical Imaging Research Centre

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Leuven, Belgium


Dr Amélie Beaudet

Extraordinary Lecturer

[email protected]

Department of Archaeology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom


Dr Marine Cazenave

Extraordinary Lecturer

School and Anthropology and Conservation

University of Kent

Kent, United Kingdom


Professor Steven A. Symes

Extraordinary Professor

[email protected]

Emeritus Professor Mercyhurst University

Department of Applied Forensic Sciences

Medical Examiner's Office, Mississippi

United States of America



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