Leandi Liebenberg

[email protected]

Room 2-1.9, NW1, Hatfield campus

Leandi Liebenberg has been working in the Department of Anatomy as a lecturer since 2016. She is involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching where she presents courses on forensic anthropology, biological anthropology, and research methodology. Her research interests include the quantification of human skeletal variation and improving methods used to establish the biological profile in anthropological analyses. In particular, her research mainly focuses on the estimation of ancestry among South Africans using osteometric and morphoscopic approaches with the application of robust statistical methods. Her PhD involves assessing cranial variation among modern black, white and coloured South Africans using Random Forest Modeling to discern ancestry. She is also involved in projects evaluating thermally altered remains and skeletal asymmetry. She conducts forensic anthropological analyses as part of her duties at FARC, and is actively involved in the standardization of methods and proficiency training within the section.

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