Gabriele C. Krüger

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Room 5-33, Tswelopele, Prinshof campus

Gabi Krüger is a First Technical Assistant in the Department of Anatomy, where she works with the lecturing and other technical staff members to prepare practicals and study opportunities for medical, dental and paramedical students. She is also the coordinator of the Forensic Anthropology Laboratory and the curator of the Pretoria Bone Collection, the Forensic Repository and the Archaeological collection housed in the Department of Anatomy. She works closely with the members of the Victim Identification Centre (VIC) of the South African Police Service when dealing with forensic cases, as well as with both local and international researchers that make use of the skeletal collections. She is fortunate to be able to learn from other anthropologists and archaeologists from all over the world. She is involved in the training of student volunteers and interns, as well as working closely with BSc Honours, Masters and PhD students in the Physical Anthropology Section.

Other activities include forensic case analyses to aid in providing presumptive identifications for unknown skeletal remains and keeping databases for the analyses up-to-date.    

Her research is focused mainly on improving methods for estimating the biological profile in forensic case analysis, particularly techniques for estimating sex and ancestry. She is currently working on her PhD, with the goal of finding skeletal features to correctly classify skeletal remains of Indian South Africans, which has not been addressed as of yet. The PhD research will make use of CT scans, and 3D reconstructions thereof, to find the best shape and size features to distinguish Indian South Africans from previously researched black, coloured and white South Africans. She is also training to assess skeletal trauma and is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work closely with bone trauma experts, Prof EN L’Abbé from the Forensic Anthropology Research Centre (FARC) at the University of Pretoria and Prof SA Symes from the Medical Examiner’s Office in Mississippi, USA.

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