8th Law Faculty Festival

Students and staff to (Un)shack-le at the 
8th Annual Law Faculty Festival


Save the date!

The Annual Law Faculty Festival (FacFest), themed (Un)shack-led, is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, 14 August 2014 from 12:00 onwards

Entrance fee 

A can of tinned food per person.


“The clown, the University (of Pretoria) and the city: (un)shack-ling liaisons”

The FacFest has become part of [email protected], which is a collective of academics from various departments (Architecture; Visual Arts; Law; Theology; Anthropology; and Social Work) at the University of Pretoria with the purpose of bringing the inner city to the campus and taking the campus to the inner city. [email protected], in partnership with the Tshwane Leadership Foundation and in conjunction with the City of Tshwane, host the annual Feast of the Clowns.  

This year’s theme for the Feast of the Clowns is “(un)shack-led, exploring 20 years of (un)freedom in the city”. [email protected] will host a colloquium on Thursday, 14 August 2014, exploring the metaphor of the clown. The colloquium will be followed by a march of the clowns on the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield campus, as a precursor to the larger march that will take place in the inner city on Saturday, 16 August 2014. The theme of the colloquium is “The clown, the university and the city: (un)shack-ling liaisons”.

Showcase your talents - make an appearance at the FacFest

Do you have a hidden talent waiting to be (un)shack-led?  Can you sing like a nightingale, play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix?  Or drumming away like Shanon Leto or John Bonham?  Contact [email protected] to showcase your talents at the FacFest.  Whether you can sing, dance, drum, sway, or write a play...

[email protected]'s parade on Campus

As stated above, this year’s theme for the Feast of the Clowns is (Un)shack-led, exploring 20 years of (un)freedom in the city. [email protected] will host a colloquium on Thursday 14 August 2014, exploring the metaphor of the clown.  The colloquium will be followed by a parade of the clowns at 12:00 on the University of Pretoria Hatfield campus, as a precursor to the larger parade that will take place in the inner city of Tshwane on Saturday 16 August 2014. The parade constitutes a procession that will walk past buildings on the Hatfield campus that relate to social justice themes. The parade aims to simultaneously raise awareness around these themes and connect them with existing initiatives at the University. 

To raise awareness around the social justice themes of the Feast of the Clowns:
HIV/AIDS  (Parade passes by the Centre for the study of Aids);
Children's rights (Parade passes by the Law Building that hosts the Centre for Child Law);
Homelessness (Parade passes by the Theology building);
Land and natural resources (Parade passes by Mining Engineering);
Refugees and xenophobia (Parade passes by Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership);
Green cities (Parade passes by Boukunde and Visual Arts);  and
Human trafficking (Parade passes by the Humanities building).

To afford academics (lecturers and students) an opportunity to engage with the above themes from an academic perspective. [email protected] is aligned to the institutional research theme of Capital Cities. Even though it is not the primary objective of the parade, but of the colloquium attached to the parade, the hope is that it will increase research-outputs with regards to the notion of the University as public institution. The parade should also stimulate research on the various themes of social justice through the sparking of ideas and the interaction between the members of staff from various departments having the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas in a different setting.

Participants are invited to design and create banners for the campus parade in line with the social justice themes set out above.  The intention is to exhibit these banners from 11 August in the Faculty of Law.

Please join us on 14 and/or 16 August to (un)shack-le.  For more information, contact [email protected]

Merc(antile) F8 Grand Prix Tinned Food Trio Trolley Race 

One of the festivities on the programme of the Faculty Festival is a Tinned Food Trio Trolley Race hosted by the Department of Mercantile Law for staff and students behind the Faculty of Law at on 14 August at ±14:45.  

How it ties in with the theme
The trolley plays a significant role in the lives of those living on the streets - it is their vehicle, a platform to generate income by collecting recyclables, only shelter, a suitcase for their only and few earthly possessions and probably their most precious possession.

All trolley participants are invited to join the parade of the clowns on campus as TuksLaw representatives in front of the Law Building on Thursday, 14 August at 12:00.  

Contact [email protected] to register your trolley for the race.  Registration fee amounts to one can of food per participant.  

All the tinned food collected during the Faculty Festival will be distributed to the needy during the Feast of the Clowns in the CBD on Saturday, 16 August 2014.

FacFest Competition - stand a chance to win big prizes!  New deadline for submission now 8 August 2014!

A way for you to (un)shack-le from the exam and winter blues is to use your winter recess to shoot something - with a camera, of course! - making the shack visible in law and legal education.  Or why not a non-violent option such as composing an academic essay, a short story or a poem on the theme (Un)shack-led?  Make the (un)shack-le visible in law and legal education.  Submit your entry(ies) by Friday, 8 August 2014, and stand a chance to win big prizes.  Below are entries received to date:

Category Poems:

Children of India - Sarisa van Niekerk

Bird of space - Sarisa van Niekerk

(Un)shack-led – Janene Tuniz

You choose – Sarisa van Niekerk 

illiterate – Sarisa van Niekerk

The child must be heard – Sarisa van Niekerk

Children’s Rights –Section 28 – Sarisa van Niekerk

Words of mine - Sarisa van Niekerk


Category Photos:


Arrested for thinking by Sarisa van Niekerk

Happily shackled by Sarisa van Niekerk


by Sarissa van Niekerk

Please feel free to let us have your suggestions for making this the best FacFest ever 
via [email protected] or follow us on
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