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  • Exceptional Academic Achievers - The Outstanding Academic Achievers Awards recognise the overall contribution that senior professors make to the development of research, teaching and learning, and community engagement.  These awards are valid for three years.
  • NRF-rated Researchers - The National Research Foundation’s (NRF) rating system is a key mechanism used by the University to identify excellence. The NRF rating system is a peer review process that enables the University to benchmark research at both national and international levels. It is a rigorous evaluation process and only about one tenth of all academic staff employed at South African universities have a rating. Thus, being NRF rated is in itself a significant achievement.  These awards are valid for three years.
  • Young Researcher Awards - The Exceptional Young Researchers Awards are granted on the grounds of exceptional achievement in research, seen against the backdrop of the University’s strategic objectives of academic excellence, international competitiveness and local relevance.  The award is only granted to researchers who have not yet achieved full professorial status, with the proviso that a specific individual can receive this award once only. Academics who have been evaluated by the NRF as P-rated researchers, also automatically attain the status of Exceptional Young Researchers.
  • Dux Docens Award - This medal is annually rewarded to a staff member who made an important contribution to the student community above and beyond normal duties. 
  • Leading Researchers (1908 to 2008) - Over the more than hundred years of its existence, the University of Pretoria has been home to some of the countries' most significant leading minds.


2014 Exceptional Academic Ahievers

NRF ratings:

  • Prof Trynie Boezaart, Head of the Department of Private Law:  B2 rating
  • Prof Ann Skelton, Director, Centre for Child Law:  B2 rating
  • Prof Stefan van Eck, Head of the Department of Mercantile Law:  C2 rating
  • Prof Koos Malan, Department of Public Law: C2 rating

2013 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof Karin van Marle, Head of the Department of Jurisprudence
  • Prof Frans Viljoen, Director of the Centre for Human Rights

NRF ratings:

  • Prof André Boraine, Dean, Faculty of Law:  B1 rating
  • Prof Drucilla Cornell, Extraordinary Professor, Department of Jurisprudence:  A1 rating
  • Prof Anton Kok, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Law:  Y2 rating
  • Prof Philip Thomas, Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Jurisprudence:  B3 rating

2012 Exceptional Academic Achievers

NRF ratings:

  • Dr Daniel Bradlow, incumbent of the SARCHI Chair of International Development Law:  B1 rating
  • Dr Magnus Killander, Head of Research at the Centre for Human Rights:  Y2 rating
  • Prof Johan van der Vyver, Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Private Law:  A2 rating

2011 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof André Boraine, Head of the Department Procedural Law
  • Prof Christof Heyns, Co-director of ICLA

NRF ratings:

  • Prof Steve Cornelius
  • Prof Charles Fombad

2010 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof Frans Viljoen
  • Prof Karin van Marle

NRF rating:

  • Prof Erika de Wet

2009 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof Trynie Boezaart (nee Davel)

2008 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof André Boraine
  • Prof Johan Scott

Exceptional Young Researcher Award

  • Dr Stuart Woolman

2008 Dux Docens Award

  • Prof Johan Scott

2007 Exceptional Academic Achievers

  • Prof Christof Heyns
  • Prof Frans Viljoen

2003 and 2006 Exceptional Academic Achiever

  • Prof Trynie Boezaart (nee Davel)

1993, 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005 Exceptional Academic Achiever

  • Prof Johan Scott

Leading Researchers (1908 to 2008)

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