Research Methodology course curriculum and content

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Biostats seminar and sample size slides

Each course should therefore cover the following:

1.    Motivation for research

2.    Picking a research problem and setting priorities, applicability

3.    The background to the problem: The literature review

4.    Phrasing the question: title, aims and objectives, hypotheses

5.    Methods                
  a)   Study designs including Qualitative research
  b)   Bias and confounding
  c)   Causality        
  d)   Measurement and definitions
  e)   Questionnaires
  f)    Sampling an sampling methods
  g)   Pilot  study

6.    Data Analysis

  a)   Sample size and power
  b)   Types of data
  c)   Distribution of data
  d)   Comparing groups
  e)   P values and confidence intervals
  f)    Statistical vs clinical significance
  g)   Statistical consultation

7.    Budgeting and Funding

8.    Ethics

a)   Basic Bioethics
b)   Guidelines (Helsinki etc)
c)  Vulnerable groups. Children etc
d)  Informed consent and Confidentiality
c)  Animal rights   (if applicable)
d)   Fraud
e)  The Ethics and Protocol committee and   
     how to process your protocol
9.    Authorship

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