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General enquries:  (012) 319-2911

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Anthony, Celisa 356-3057 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)
Aphane, Refilwe 356-3045 [email protected]
(Student Admin – Cashier/Cards)

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Baloyi, Nelly 356-3344 [email protected]
(Operations Management)
Becker, Piet - Prof 319-2203 [email protected]
(Research - Statistician)
Boikanyo, Mmane 319-2470 [email protected]
(Head:  Marketing and Communication)    
Bornman, Riana – Prof 319-2206 [email protected]
(Senior Research Fellow)
Brits, Nicky 319-2391 [email protected]
Broodryk, Francois 319-2383 [email protected]

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Cooper, Rob 356-3065 [email protected]
(Head: Student Admin)

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De Jager,  Tiaan – Prof 319-2192 [email protected]
De Klerk, Connie 319-2392 [email protected]
(School of Medicine / Operational Management)
Du Preez, Karen 356-2207 [email protected]
(Faculty Operations Manager)

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Engelbrecht, Carien 319-2384 [email protected]
Esterhuizen, Mientjie 356-3064 [email protected]
(Student Admin)

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Fortune, Karin 356-3044 [email protected]
(Student Admin – P/G Division)

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Grobler, Juan 356-3061 [email protected]
(Student Admin - Finance Division)

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Hassett, Judy 319-2380 [email protected]
(SoM  Secretariat)
Hodgson, Samantha 319-2191 [email protected]
(Snr Management Assistant:  Dean)
Hood, Christa 356-3058 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)    

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Jeftha, Natasha 319-2378 [email protected]
(Grant Manager)

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Kotzé, Marianna 319-2394 [email protected]
(Marketing & Communication)
Kruger, Taneshka – Dr 319-2381 [email protected]

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Mabasa, Tjhudu 356-3056
(Student Admin – U/G Division)    
Mabaso, Fikile 319-3244 [email protected]
(Human Resources)  
Mabokela, Jacqueline 319-2193 j[email protected]
(Dean’s Office)    
Makhado, Bertha (Molly) 356-3043 [email protected]
(Student Admin – Study Finance)
Malan, Edith 356-3042 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)
Malherbe, Hestelle 319-2471 [email protected]
(Secretary: Int Electives & Education)
Mamabolo, Gertrude 319-2198 [email protected]
(CPD / Reception)
Marais-Werner, Natalie 319-2103 [email protected]
(Snr Management Assistant:  Deputy Dean)    
Matsebatlela, Emmanuel - Dr 319-2396 [email protected]
(International Electives & Education)
Montane, Edwin 356-3243 [email protected]
(Human Resources)
Msiza, Gladness 356-3036 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)
Muller, Natasha 356-3242 [email protected]
(Human Resources)    
Murowanidzwa, Belinda 319-2386 [email protected]
(Deputy Faculty Accountant)    
Myers, Portia 356-3245 [email protected]
(Human Resources)

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Nogueira, Claudina – Dr 319-2952 [email protected]
(Research Strategic Project Manager)

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Ramakuwela, Agnes 356-3342 [email protected]
(Operations Management)
Ramatswi, Hellen 356-3060 [email protected]
(Student Admin – P/G Division)
Rantloane, Arthur - Prof 319-2103 [email protected]
(Deputy Dean:  Stakeholder Relations)    
Redelinghuys, Suna 319-2387 [email protected]
Rosenstrauch, Eugene 356-3035 [email protected]
(Student Admin – Study Finance / Bursaries)

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Shikwambane, Elina 356-3343 [email protected]
(Operational Management)
Sijako, Lucretia 356-3246 [email protected]
(Human Resources)
Smith, Nicolien 319-2207 [email protected]
(Operational Management)
Steenkamp, Vanessa – Prof 319-2174 [email protected]
Deputy Dean:  Teaching and Learning
Swanepoel, Marinda 356-3101 [email protected]
(Student Admin - Finance Division)    

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Tosh, Cheryl - Dr 319-2382 [email protected]
Tshabalala, Philisiwe 356-3240 [email protected]
(HR Business Partner)    
Thula, Miya 356-3038 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)    

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Viljoen, Marlene 356-3063 [email protected]
(Student Admin – U/G Division)

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Welman, Annette 356-3062 [email protected]
(Student Admin –  P/G Division)

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Zulu, Goodness 356-3059 [email protected]
Project Manager:  ISFAP

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