Physics 176

Modulekode FSK 176
Kwalifikasie Undergraduate
Fakulteit Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Introductory mathematics: Symbols, exponents, logarithms, angles in degrees, radial measure, goniometry, differentiation, and integration. Motion along a straight line: position and displacement, acceleration. Vectors: adding vectors, components, multiplying vectors. Motion in two and three dimensions: projectile motion, circular motion. Force and motion: Newton’s Law, force, friction. Kinetic energy and work: work, power. Potential energy: Centre of mass, linear momentum. Collisions: impulse and linear momentum, elastic collisions, inelastic collisions. Rotation: kinetic energy of rotation, torque.  Oscillations and waves: Simple harmonic motion, types of waves, wavelength and frequency, interference of waves, standing waves, the Doppler effect. Temperature, heat and the first law of thermodynamics.

Modulekrediete 16.00
Service modules Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
Prerequisites No prerequisites.
Contact time 1 discussion class per week, 1 practical per week, 4 lectures per week
Language of tuition Module is presented in English
Department Physics
Period of presentation Semester 2

Die inligting wat hier verskyn, is onderhewig aan verandering en kan na die publikasie van hierdie inligting gewysig word.. Die Algemene Regulasies (G Regulasies) is op alle fakulteite van die Universiteit van Pretoria van toepassing. Dit word vereis dat elke student volkome vertroud met hierdie regulasies sowel as met die inligting vervat in die Algemene Reëls sal wees. Onkunde betrefffende hierdie regulasies en reels sal nie as ‘n verskoning by oortreding daarvan aangebied kan word nie.

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