Top achievers

Top Achievers

Top achievers during 2018 (Award ceremony 2019)

The Department of English would like to congratulate our top achievers during 2018, who received their prizes and certificates at an awards evening on 11 April 2019. The Department was joined by parents and friends of our top students to celebrate their achievements.

Special awards were sponsored by Van Schaik, OUP, Pearson, Philip Milstein and Mr Kenneth Hall. 

Lustre was added to the event by three postgraduate students, Nicole Best, Christiaan Naudé and Dewald Steyn, who read some of their own poetry, and by the lovely music provided by Kirsten Dey and Rozanne Roos.











The Gray award to a member of staff for outstanding research went to Prof. Corinne Sandwith. 



Oxford University Press Excellence Award for Best Honours Finalist

Jana M. Muller








Van Schaik Prize for the overall Best Student in English 100:

Kate Watson


Hall Prize for the Best Eng 118 student:

Megan S. Arthur

Pearson-Maskew Miller Prize for the overall Best Student in English 200:

Kayla Thomas

Pearson-Heinemann Prize for the overall Best Finalist in English 300:

Alison Massey


Oxford University Press Excellence Award for the best English Studies Finalist:

Cara-Leigh Chalmers


Juanita Hall Memorial Award for an English 300 Finalist going on to Honours:

Micaela J. Shaw

Philip Milstein Prize for a second language student who showed significant improvement:

Rozanne Roos

Prizes for individual courses


ENG 701 Poetics and Literary Theory

Natasha de Waal

ENG 772 Postmodernism

Jana M. Muller

ENG 773 Children's Literature

Jenine Oosthuizen

ENG 777 Editing: Principles and Practice

Gabrielle S. Olwagen

ENG 778 Research Report

Jana M. Muller

ENG 780 Creative writing

Mieke Göttsche

ENZ 705 The Augustan Vision

Jana M. Muller

ENZ 706 The Romance in England

Jana M. Muller

ENZ 703 Shakespeare

Natasha de Waal



ENG 110: Introduction to Literature in English I

1st    Sandro L. Nobrega de Freitas
         Kate Watson

2nd   F.G. (Gerry) van der Merwe

ENG 120: Introduction to Literature in English II

1st    Kate Watson

2nd   Danielle de Villiers

3rd    Mudiwa R. Runyowa

ENG 118: English for Language practitioners

1st     Megan S. Arthur

2nd    Chrizaan Pretorius


ENG 210: Modernism and Language Studies

1st    Kayla Thomas

2nd   Hannah M. Henson

3rd    Katharine A. Atkinson
          Siphumelele E. Gumede

ENG 220: Twentieth Century Literature and Postcolonialism

1st    Chelsea L. Swanepoel

2nd   Kayla Thomas

3rd    Katharine A. Atkinson


ENG 310: Medieval and Renaissance Literature

1st    Carly Twaddle

2nd   Alison Massey
          Mart-Mari van der Merwe

3rd    Venetia K. G. Beytell

ENG 320: Augustan, Romantic and Nineteenth Century Literature

1st    Venetia K. G. Beytell
          Alison Massey
          Dylan P.S. van Wyk

2nd   Micaela J. Shaw

ENG 311: Introduction to Editing: Principles and Practice

1st    Alison Massey

2nd   Micaela J. Shaw

3rd    Marizanne Linde


1st    Sawleha I. Vally

2nd   Irene Liebenberg

3rd    Schae L. Ind
         Cara-Leigh Chalmers



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