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"Hatari, Vinidogodogo (Danger is a very small thing)"
— Laurie Garrett

From the book; The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance

Zoonotic arbo and Respiratory virus program

  • Zoonotic arbo and Respiratory virus program 

The Neurological and Respiratory virus group in the Centre for Viral Zoonosis is situated in the Department of Medical Virology, Faculty of Health Sciences. The program is in the unique position to conduct research on both human and animal zoonotic diseases and work closely with medical entomology, veterinary pathology and clinical researchers. The group’s main focus is vector-borneviruses (arboviruses) including flaviviruses (e.g West Nile virus), alphaviruses (e.g Middelburg and Sindbis), and bunyaviruses (e.g Shuni, Rift Valley fever and Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever) as well as respiratory viruses transmitted directly from animals to humans or between humans such as paramyxo and influenzaviruses. The group has a broad focus on disease surveillance; epidemiology, molecular biology; immunology and ecology of these viruses; development of novel diagnostics and vaccines; viral pathogenesis and discovery.

Individual Profiles:

More about West Nile virus                                     



West nile virus in humans and  Sentinel animals


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One health day

One health day 3 November 2016. The One Health Day campaign is designed to engage as many individuals as possible from as many arenas as possible in One Health education and awareness events, and to generate an inspiring array of projects worldwide.

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